Why is St Tropez so popular?

By: Alexander MochalinUpdated: March 27, 2021


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St Tropez is famous for its beaches and it has a lot of them. The most well-known and loved is Pampelonne, which put the town on the map. In the 1950s, an unknown Brigitte Bardot arrived to film a movie with her then-husband, Roger Vadim.

Also know, is St Tropez safe?

St. Tropez is safe for all ages and skin types, however we strongly recommend a patch test is carried out at least 24 hours ahead of tanning to check for skin sensitivity, particularly users under 16 years old.

Furthermore, is Saint Tropez worth visiting?

Walk down the promenade of the Old Port
The port of Saint Tropez is full of tiny fishing boats, yachts, colorful houses and, of course, many chic cafés, so it is definitely worth visiting it.

How do I get to St Tropez?

Top 4 ways to get to Saint-Tropez
Flying is almost certainly the quickest option and will bring you into the region via Nice Cote d'Azur airport or Marseille Provence airport. You can then make your onward journey to Saint Tropez either by airport transfer or by hiring a car.

Is St Tropez expensive?

Saint Tropez is the most expensive destination in France based on the cost of its lodging. That price tag positions the seaside resort as the most expensive French locale. In fact, Saint Tropez is significantly more expensive than Port-Vecchio, the second place finisher.


Where do celebrities stay in St Tropez?

Here are some of our top picks for 2019.
  • Celebrity Glamour at the Hotel de Paris.
  • The Serene Oasis of La Reserve Ramatuelle Hotel.
  • A touch of French-Oriental at Saint Amour La Tartane Hotel.
  • The Provencal Artist Life at La Ponche.
  • Old Village Charm at Le Yaca Hotel.

Who made St Tropez famous?

During World War II, the landing on 15 August 1944 began the Allied invasion of southern France, Operation Dragoon. In the 1950s, Saint-Tropez became internationally renowned as the setting for such films as And God Created Woman, which starred French actress Brigitte Bardot.

What do you wear to St Tropez?

What To Wear In St. Tropez: Part Two
  • White Off the Shoulder Top. An off the shoulder top is subtly sexy which makes it perfect for France.
  • Leather Top. OK so a leather top may not have been the most practical idea for France but it was one of my most memorable looks.
  • Striped Pants.
  • Blue Set.
  • Hair.
  • Swimsuits.
  • White Skirt.
  • Blue Dress.

Is there a train from Nice to St Tropez?

There is no direct connection from Nice to Saint-Tropez. However, you can take the train to St Raphael Valescure then take the taxi to Saint-Tropez. Alternatively, you can take a vehicle from Nice to Saint-Tropez via St Raphael Valescure and Saint-Raphaël in around 2h 54m.

Can you put St Tropez on your face?

All ST. TROPEZ products can be used on the face, however we also have products that have been designed specifically with delicate skin in mind. Apply a light layer of ST. TROPEZ Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser to your hands and feet prior to applying your tan to avoid too much product clinging to these extra dry areas.

When should I go to St Tropez?

Saint-Tropez weather essentials
Tropez for the beaches with the sand and the surf, then July and August are the best months to go. This is peak tourist season so the city will likely be crowded during the summer months. The temperatures average from the low 80s during the daytime hours, to the mid 60s at night.

Where should I stay on French Riviera?

Best places to stay on the French Riviera
  • Photograph: Pexels / Cristina Campos. Cannes.
  • Photograph: Wikimedia Commons / Starus. Saint-Tropez.
  • Photograph: Ludovick / Flickr. Antibes.
  • Photograph: Fred Romero / Flickr. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.
  • Photograph: David Baron / Flickr.
  • Photograph: bogitw / Pixabay.
  • Photograph: Pexels / Ludovic Charlet.
  • Photograph:

Who was St Tropez?

Torpes of Pisa. Saint Torpes of Pisa (Torpetius, Tropesius) (French: Saint Torpès, Saint Tropez, Italian: Torpete, Torpes, Torpè, Russian: Апо´стол Трофи´м) (died 65 AD) is venerated as an early Christian martyr. The town of Saint-Tropez, France, is named after him.