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Who wrote the Scofield Bible?

By: Patrick ShobeUpdated: December 25, 2020


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Cyrus Ingerson Scofield

Also question is, who financed the Scofield Bible?

House of Rothchild

Furthermore, what does a reference Bible mean?

Reference Bible. a Bible in which brief explanations, and references to parallel passages, are printed in the margin of the text. See also: Reference.

What is a reference Bible used for?

A reference Bible is a very useful aid to studying because it gives cross-references to certain verses and using this aid means that you can get a lot more out of each verse.

What is a good study Bible to have?

The Zondervan Life Application Study Bible (appx. $78) is one of the top-selling books of its kind because it includes extensive study aids of many types, such as character sketches and over 10,000 application notes that lead you to understand and apply the message of the Scriptures.


Which Bible version is the easiest to understand?

The World Bible Translation Center (WBTC) decided to do a translation that would make reading the Bible easier for them.

Easy-to-Read Version
Full name Holy Bible: Easy-to-Read Version
Abbreviation ERV
Language English
Complete Bible published 1987

Is the Scofield Bible any good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Very readable printing, high quality cover, excellent thumb indexing. The Scofield notes are here same as ever, but the cross references and translation notes are moved to the outer margins rather than a center column. This helps make the text stand out.

What does Scofield mean?

Scofield Means. Thanks! International Interest. Also see international interest. S is for sweetheart, you really are!

What is dispensationalism and is it biblical?

Dispensationalism is a religious interpretive system and metanarrative for the Bible. It considers biblical history as divided by God into dispensations, defined periods or ages to which God has allotted distinctive administrative principles.

What is dispensational eschatology?

Eschatology is the doctrine of the end times. Dispensational Eschatology is the story of how God keeps his promises to Israel and the church when the end times arrives. The book begins with a brief review and defense of dispensational theology.

When did dispensationalism begin?

United States. Dispensationalism was adopted, modified, and made popular in the United States by the Scofield Reference Bible. It was introduced to North America by James Inglis (1813–72) through the monthly magazine Waymarks in the Wilderness, published intermittently between 1854 and 1872.

What is the biblical meaning of dispensation?

an appointment, arrangement, or favor, as by God. a divinely appointed order or age: the old Mosaic, or Jewish, dispensation; the new gospel, or Christian, dispensation.

How do you reference a Bible?

When citing a passage of scripture, include the abbreviated name of the book, the chapter number, and the verse number—never a page number. Chapter and verse are separated by a colon. Example: 1 Cor. 13:4, 15:12-19.

What is the most popular Bible?

The New Revised Standard Version is the version most commonly preferred by biblical scholars. In the United States, 55% of survey respondents who read the Bible reported using the King James Version in 2014, followed by 19% for the New International Version, with other versions used by fewer than 10%.

What was the first study Bible?

Perhaps the first edition of an English language Bible that qualified as a "study Bible" was the Geneva Bible; it contained extensive cross-references, synopses, and doctrinal points. The Church of England disputed some of the statements made in the Geneva Bible annotations.

How many cross references are there in the Bible?

There are 340,000 cross-references between the Old and New Testament that are visualised here.

What is the difference between a concordance and a Bible dictionary?

This reference guide of over six thousand Biblical names and terms helps you locate your favorite biblical passages. Formatted as a dictionary, its topics range from people and cultures to religious terms. As a concordance, it also includes places and events keyed to verse in the King James Bible.

What does a study Bible look like?

A study Bible usually contains an extensive help and a critical apparatus, which may contain such features as: Annotations explaining difficult passages or points of theology and doctrine. Articles and short biographies or character studies of Biblical people, places, and topics.

How do I cross reference?

Insert the cross-reference
  1. In the document, type the text that begins the cross-reference.
  2. On the Insert tab, click Cross-reference.
  3. In the Reference type box, click the drop-down list to pick what you want to link to.
  4. In the Insert reference to box, click the information you want inserted in the document.

What is the meaning of concordance in the Bible?

A Bible concordance is a concordance, or verbal index, to the Bible. A simple form lists Biblical words alphabetically, with indications to enable the inquirer to find the passages of the Bible where the words occur.

What does Study Bible mean?

A study Bible is an edition of the Bible prepared for use by a serious student of the Bible. It provides scholarly information designed to help the reader gain a better understanding of and context for the text.