Who won the NCAA soccer championship 2019?

By: Keshav TyagiUpdated: January 08, 2021


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2019 NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Championship Game
Event 2019 NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Tournament
Georgetown won 7–6 on penalties.
Date December 15, 2019
Venue WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary, North Carolina, U.S.
Man of the Match Dylan Nealis

Consequently, what college has won the most soccer championships?

Along the way, seven programs have won more than three titles.
  • 2019 RECAP: How Georgetown outlasted Virginia for its first title. Here, we look at those seven teams with the most national championships:
  • St. Louis — 9.
  • Indiana — 8. NCAA Photos.
  • Virginia — 7. NCAA Photos.
  • San Francisco — 4.
  • UCLA — 4.
  • Maryland — 4.
  • Stanford — 3.

Also to know, where is the NCAA soccer championship?

United States

How long is the NCAA soccer season?

The regular season began on August 30, 2019 and continued into the third weekend of November 2019. The season culminated with the four-team College Cup at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina, December 13–15, 2019. A total of 206 men's soccer teams played in Division I during this season.

Who won the NCAA men's soccer?

Georgetown are the current champions, defeating Virginia 7-6 on penalties after a 3-3 draw in the 2019 final.


What does division mean in soccer?

Divisions: The division that a soccer team plays under is an indicator of the quality of the team. Recreational soccer teams are all known as division three teams or D3. Competitive soccer teams may be either division one (D1) or division two (D2) status. A soccer team cannot just declare itself to be a D1 team.

How many teams are in the NCAA soccer tournament?


How can I watch NCAA women's soccer?

Following a 12-year contract extension from the 2020-21 season, ESPN will broadcast NCAA Women's soccer matches on its linear TV networks in USA. ESPN will also stream the matches on its OTT platforms ESPN+ and ESPN App for subscribers on computers, mobile devices, games consoles and smart TVs.

Where can I watch the College Cup?

1 seed North Carolina Tar Heels at the NCAA College Cup in San Jose, California. The game kicks off at 4 p.m. PT and will be broadcast nationally on ESPNU, as well as online at

Which school has won the most NCAA d1 Women's Soccer Championships?

Historically, North Carolina has been the dominant school in Division I women's soccer. Known widely as one of the most successful collegiate programs in any NCAA sport, the Tar Heels have won 21 national championships of the 31 NCAA tournaments contested.

Who has the most NCAA national titles?

Colleges with the most NCAA championships
Rank School Total titles
1 Stanford 123
2 UCLA 118
3 Southern California 107
4 Oklahoma State 52

Which school has won the most NCAA d1 Men's Soccer Championships?

Among the most successful programs, Saint Louis won 10 titles during dynasty years between 1959 and 1973. Indiana has won 8 titles beginning in 1982, whereas Virginia has won 7 titles beginning in 1989.

Who won the NCAA Womens Soccer?

Stanford beats North Carolina for the 2019 College Cup in a 5-4 penalty shootout.

What is the best college for men's soccer?

These are the top-10 men's soccer universities in the United States:
  1. Stanford University – Stanford, CA.
  2. Indiana University – Bloomington, IN.
  3. Wake Forest – Winston-Salem, NC.
  4. UNC-Chapel Hill – NC.
  5. The University of Akron – Akron, OH.
  6. Southern Methodist University – Dallas, TX.
  7. University of Louisville – Louisville, KY.

What season is men's college soccer?

College soccer is played in the fall from August to December depending on if a team makes the tournament and how long they are in the tournament. Teams play conference and non-conference teams. The NCAA tournament is played in November to early December with the Final Four and Championship game played in December.

Which women's d1 school has made the most soccer tournament appearances?

Florida State University
Florida State University's women's soccer team has made it to the NCAA Women's Soccer Championships a whopping 18 times since the year 2000. Of those 18 appearances, the team advanced to the second round 17 times, and the quarterfinals 12 times.

What women's soccer program has the most national championships?

Women's college soccer history: Programs with the most national championships
  • North Carolina — 21. Jamie Schwaberow | NCAA Photos.
  • 2 (tie). Stanford — 3.
  • 2 (tie). Notre Dame — 3.
  • 6 (tie). Florida State — 2.
  • 6 (tie). Southern California — 2.
  • 6 (tie). Portland — 2.