Who will carry the word Charlotte Delbo?

By: Jun Yuan ChuahUpdated: January 15, 2021


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Based upon the true story of Charlotte Delbo, a member of the French Resistance, Who Will Carry The Word depicts the lives of twenty-three French women living in the barracks at Auschwitz. They find solidarity while fighting to keep the strongest of them alive so that someone can share their stories with the world.

Regarding this, what happened to Delbo after the war?

After the war
The play "Qui Rapportera Ces Paroles?" (Who Will Carry the Word?) is about Delbo's experience at Birkenau. In later years, she abandoned Communism, influenced like other resistor-survivors (David Rousset and Jorge Semprún among them) by the exposure of concentration camps in the Soviet Union.

Also Know, who will carry the word play characters?

Who Will Carry the Word is a semi-autobiographical piece written by French resistance-fighter Charlotte Delbo. The play focuses on 23 French women living in the barracks of Auschwitz as political prisoners. Their goal is simple: they must keep one woman alive to tell their story to the world.