Who started Orbitz?

By: Tabitha DyerUpdated: April 21, 2021



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Moreover, what company owns Orbitz?

Expedia Group

Additionally, is Orbitz owned by Expedia?

Hotwire and is owned by Expedia, which also purchased Travelocity in January for $280 million. That paved the way for its latest acquisition of Orbitz, which reported $10 billion in bookings last year for airfare and hotel stays.

Who is the CEO of Orbitz?

Barney Harford

Is Orbitz a travel agency?

Orbitz is an online travel agency (OTA) that you can use to book flights, hotels, and much more.


When was Orbitz founded?


How much is Orbitz worth?

In February 2015, Expedia announced that it would acquire Orbitz for $1.2 billion in cash, to better compete with The deal was announced a few days after Expedia agreed to purchase Travelocity.

How do I contact Orbitz by phone?

00 1 312-279-7740

Which is better Expedia or Orbitz?

In general they are essentially the same, with neither being better or worse. The major difference depends on what you are booking. If you book more hotels than flights, than Orbitz is the better option. If you are predominately booking flights online than Expedia is the better way to go.

Are Hotwire and Expedia the same company?

Launched in 2000, Hotwire is part of Expedia Group (EXPE), which also owns and Like Priceline, Hotwire allows consumers to price-shop for named hotels, flights, rental cars, and vacation packages (it doesn't include cruises).

Which travel sites are owned by the same company?

Expedia Inc.: Owns,,,, — plus TripAdvisor subsidiaries,,,, and Orbitz Worldwide: Owns, and

Why is CheapOair so much cheaper?

Cheapoair can always get fares cheaper than the airlines can offer. They always quote you live fares, and let you book them there and then. You pay a known, fixed sum and get immediate confirmation. Booking data and tickets are abpvailabke right away.

Are trivago and Expedia the same company?

While Trivago started as German travel website, they are now owned by Expedia. Despite being owned by Expedia, they will display the listings from over 200 different booking sites including a few owned by their competitors.

Are ebookers and Expedia the same company? was established in 1998 – but our origins go back further than that. In October 2015, Orbitz worldwide was acquired by Expedia Inc, and ebookers became part of the world's leading portfolio of travel brands.

Is Orbitz good for flights?

Orbitz is a reputable site. If all flights go as planned- chances are you will have a good experience. Most issues with 3rd party sites usually stem from flight changes, cancellations, refunds, etc Booking direct with the airline is recommended and preferred.

Who is Expedia's biggest competitor?

Expedia Group's top competitors include Airbnb, Booking Holdings, Sabre, TripAdvisor,, CWT, Norwegian Cruise Line, Group, Flight Centre Travel Group, Egencia and American Express Global Business Travel.

Is one travel and CheapOair the same company?

NEW YORK, April 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Fareportal, the travel technology company powering and, is now the first online travel agency (OTA) to sell Air New Zealand's Economy Skycouch™ product.

Which companies are owned by Expedia?

For those keeping track, Expedia now owns Travelocity, Orbitz,, Hotwire, Trivago, CheapTickets and eBookers, among others. Priceline's stable of online travel agencies (OTAs) now includes, Kayak and

What company owns Hotwire?

Expedia Group