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Who sings Mad Mad World?

By: Joe MichuUpdated: March 02, 2021


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    June 27, 2022
Tears for Fears

Subsequently, one may also ask, is Mad World about depression?

Get the Sheet Music License This Song ? This song is about a depressed young person who feels out of place in this world.

Additionally, how many versions of Mad World are there?

7 Versions

Did REM cover Mad World?

R.E.M. does not sing “Mad World.” Gary Jules does. And it's a Tears for Fears cover?

Who remade listen to your heart?

THROUGH FIRE - Listen To Your Heart (Roxette Cover) (Official Music Video) - YouTube.


What key is mad world in?

E minor

Who originally wrote Mad World?

Roland Orzabal

What genre is mad world?


Is Mad World copyrighted?

Hardwell Mad World (Copyright Free Version)

When did mad world come out?


Is Mad World a Christmas song?

Mad World, Gary Jules
Is it a Christmas song? Arguably not – it doesn't mention Santa or snow or reindeer – but it was the 2003 Christmas number one and, hey, it's our list. Tears for Fears' original was very nice and all, but this slow, sad cover, from the Donnie Darko soundtrack, is a thing of brittle beauty.

What movie used the song Mad World?

Donnie Darko

What happened to Tears for Fears group?

Smith left the band in 1991, and Orzabal released two albums — 1993's Elemental and 1995's Raoul and the Kings of Spain — under the Tears For Fears name. Smith and Orzabal eventually got back together in 2000, and released Everybody Loves a Happy Ending in 2004.

Was Gary Jules in Tears for Fears?

(born March 19, 1969), known as Gary Jules, is an American singer-songwriter, known primarily for his cover version of the Tears for Fears song "Mad World", which he recorded with his friend Michael Andrews for the film Donnie Darko.

How old is Gary Jules?

51 years (March 19, 1969)