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Who owns the Orange Julep?

By: Evan MarxUpdated: October 31, 2020


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the Gibeau family

Similarly, what's inside the Orange Julep?

In case you didn't know, the Orange Julep recipe is pretty much the Montreal equivalent of the KFC Secret herbs and spices and if you look around the internet long enough, you'll find a lot of copycat recipes. It's the same recipe but it replaces pectin with egg whites and uses real sugar and real milk.

Also to know, is Orange Julep vegan?

Everyone knows that this Montreal institution boasts some of the best recipe-unknown orange “shake-like” drinks in town. But Orange Julep is one of the few places to get a vegetarian pogo, too.

Are there any Orange Julius left?

In February 2019, Dairy Queen stopped offering the Orange Julius Beverage line in their Dairy Queen Restaurants. The full Orange Julius menu is still available at Orange Julius locations, and Dairy Queen locations that sell treats only will continue to offer some flavors of the Orange Julius Premium Fruit Smoothies.

How many tourists visit Montreal each year?

11.1 million tourists