Who owns AFC Fylde?

By: Manuel OsunaUpdated: January 05, 2021


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    May 26, 2022
A.F.C. Fylde
Full name Association Football Club Fylde
Ground Mill Farm, Wesham
Capacity 6,000
Chairman David Haythornthwaite
Manager Jim Bentley

Also, what happened to AFC Fylde?

AFC Fylde reverse decision to disband women's team. AFC Fylde have reversed the decision to disband their women's team. News of a restructure that will keep the women's side going comes four weeks after Fylde said the team would disband because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Also Know, who is the manager of AFC Fylde?

Jim Bentley

What league is Fylde?

National League

Where is Fylde FC?

Association Football Club Fylde is a professional football club based in Wesham in the Borough of Fylde, Lancashire, England. Originally known as Kirkham & Wesham following a merger of Kirkham Town and Wesham in 1988, the club adopted its current name in 2008 after winning the FA Vase.