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Who is Taneytown named after?

By: Mahesh S GnUpdated: December 15, 2020



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John Digges, a resident of St. Mary's County, purchased a parcel of land near present-day Taneytown in 1754. He then passed the tract, of nearly 7,900 acres, named "Re-survey of Brothers Agreement," to his son, Edward Digges, and his son-in-law, Raphael Taney, for whom the city was named.

Also know, what is there to do in Taneytown MD?

Local Attractions
  • Gettysburg National Military Park.
  • Gettysburg Battlefield.
  • The Soldiers' National Cemetery - Gettysburg National Cemetery.
  • Eisenhower National Historic Site.
  • Seminary Ridge Museum.
  • David Wills House.
  • Schriver House.
  • Jennie Wade House.

Likewise, how far is Taneytown from Baltimore?

39.29 miles

What is the population of Taneytown Maryland?

6,816 (2018)

How do you pronounce Taneytown MD?

Taneytown (/ˈt?ːnita?n/ TAW-nee-town) is a city in Carroll County, Maryland, United States.


How far is Taneytown from Frederick Md?

There are 21.01 miles from Frederick to Taneytown in northeast direction and 23 miles (37.01 kilometers) by car, following the MD 194 route. Frederick and Taneytown are 33 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .