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Who is Natalie in wildflower?

By: Miki HiramaUpdated: December 27, 2020


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Regarding this, what happened to Arnaldo in wildflower?

The casualty on Tuesday as "Wildflower" races towards its conclusion was Arnaldo, played by RK Bagatsing. The eldest of the Ardiente brothers, Arnaldo killed himself by putting a bullet through his chest after finally accepting that the love he has for Maja Salvador's Lily Cruz is unrequited.

Also, is Diego going to die in wildflower?

While Diego was brought to the hospital, and despite Lily's fervent prayers, his gunshot wounds to the chest ultimately proved fatal. Diego's death was also reflected in the finale week title screen of "Wildflower," where his portrait is crossed out before fading, similar to that of Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing).

Will Ivy Aguas die?

The show carried the hashtags, “#WildflowerRIPIvyAguas” “#AngAgangBirthdayGift” and “#Wildflower.” The character Ivy Aguas, formerly Lily Cruz, died after she was buried alive by her enemy Emilia (played by Aiko Melendez), a member of the Ardiente family with whom Aguas wanted revenge.

Who Killed Diego in wildflower?

This time, the latest heartbreak to beset Lily (Maja Salvador) is the death of her husband, Diego (Joseph Marco), who was shot thrice by Julio (Tirso Cruz III) during a town square rally supporting Diego as the "people's governor."


Did Jepoy die in wildflower?

She is killed by her ex-husband Julio Ardiente for her betrayal in attempting to bury him alive and his desire to take over her syndicate, by putting the bomb on the ambulance she was in. Her actions lead the downfall of her ex-husband and her daughter.

What happened at the end of wildflower?

In the finale dubbed the "Wildest Ending," Julio (Tirso Cruz III) narrowly survives being shot multiple times by his daughter, Emilia (Aiko Melendez), who is anguished to find out her father was, in fact, behind the death of Helena a.k.a. Red Dragon, her mother (Zsa Zsa Padilla).

Are Maja and janella related?

Just in case you're still wondering, it's true that the two Kapamilya stars are related. After some family tree check, it appears that Janella is Maja's niece.

Who is Maja Salvador husband?

Although Rambo is not the Maja Salvador husband (yet), the public is happy to see the pair enjoying each other's company as boyfriend-girlfriends.

Who is Ivy Aguas?

actress Maja Salvador

Who is prianka Aguas in wildflower?

Lily was brought to Prianka Aguas, a billionaire businesswoman, who adopted her. Lily changed her identity to become Ivy Aguas, a strong-willed woman. She returns to Poblacion Ardiente as Ivy to avenge her parents and everyone else who were victimized by the evil Ardiente family.

What is the movie Wildflower about?

Chloe, a resilient college student, finds solace from her troubled past through art. When she starts having a recurring nightmare, she thinks it may be a repressed memory connected to the disappearance of a teenager 12 years earlier.

How many wildflower episodes are there?


What is the relationship of Maja Salvador and Janella Salvador?

With a confident hair flip, she confirmed her identity and even sang a few lines of “How Far I'll Go” from the animated film “Moana.” On top of being royalty, she is the niece of Maja Salvador! The fact that they share the same last name is not only a coincidence.