Who is Chanute?

By: Jamie McnaughtonUpdated: April 20, 2021


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Octave Chanute (February 18, 1832 – November 23, 1910) was an American civil engineer and aviation pioneer. He provided many budding enthusiasts, including the Wright brothers, with help and advice, and helped to publicize their flying experiments.

Similarly, it is asked, how far is Chanute Kansas?

There are 108.85 miles from Chanute to Kansas City in northeast direction and 148 miles (238.18 kilometers) by car, following the I-35 N and US-50 E route. Chanute and Kansas City are 2 hours 20 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop . This is the fastest route from Chanute, KS to Kansas City, KS.

Secondly, how far is Chanute KS from Wichita KS?

The total driving distance from Chanute, KS to Wichita, KS is 109 miles or 175 kilometers.

What did Octave Chanute do?

A self-taught engineer (and a very good one), Chanute designed the first railroad bridge over the Missouri River, as well as the Union Stockyards in Chicago and Kansas City. When his interest in aviation blossomed, it rapidly grew into an obsession.

What is the population of Chanute KS?

9,018 (2018)


What county is Chanute Kansas in?

Neosho County

What county is St Francis Kansas in?

Cheyenne County