Who has won the most HR Derbys?

By: Boris DoroninUpdated: February 18, 2021


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Derby Records[edit]
  • Most wins: 3; Ken Griffey, Jr. ( 1994, 1998, 1999)
  • Most appearances: 8; Ken Griffey, Jr. ( 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000)
  • Most home runs, one round: Josh Hamilton; 28 (2008, First Round)
  • Most home runs, one event: Bobby Abreu; 41 (2005)

Likewise, people ask, who won the HR Derby?

CLEVELAND -- Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s prodigious power kept Progressive Field buzzing during Monday night's T-Mobile Home Run Derby. Yet when all was said and done, it was Pete Alonso raising the trophy. Alonso outslugged Guerrero in a memorable final round, hitting 23 home runs to edge his fellow rookie by one homer.

Additionally, who is the youngest player to win the homerun derby?

Alonso's 23 home runs were the most ever hit in a Home Run Derby final. Guerrero -- at age 20, the youngest player to participate in the Derby -- set a record for homers in one round with 29 in his opening session.

Who is participating in the Home Run Derby?

Why Bregman can win it: Because you know he wants to win the Derby. He participated last year and hit 15 home runs, although he lost his matchup to Kyle Schwarber, who hit 16.

Home Run Derby odds.
Josh Bell 3-1
Joc Pederson 8-1
Carlos Santana 8-1
Alex Bregman 12-1
Ronald Acuna Jr. 12-1

What is the longest home run ever hit?

In 1987, Joey Meyer of the Denver Zephyrs hit the longest verifiable home run in professional baseball history. The home run was measured at a distance of 582 feet (177 m) and was hit inside Denver's Mile High Stadium.


What is the longest home run ever hit in a home run derby?

Joc Pederson (2019).
It didn't matter. Guerrero saw 207 pitches, swung at 195 and homered on 91 of them. Total distance: 38,641 feet, or more than 7 miles of home runs. He had the seven hardest-hit balls of the night.

How much does the Home Run Derby winner get?

The winner of the 2019 MLB Home Run Derby will take home $1 million.

Has a rookie ever won the Home Run Derby?

Alonso is only the second rookie to win outright, following Yankees star Aaron Judge in 2017. He's also the first Mets player to win the derby since Darryl Strawberry shared the title with Wally Joyner in 1986.

Who holds the homerun record?

Career Leaders & Records for Home Runs
Rank Player (yrs, age) Home Runs
1. Barry Bonds (22) 762
2. Hank Aaron+ (23) 755
3. Babe Ruth+ (22) 714
4. Alex Rodriguez (22) 696

How many rounds are in the Home Run Derby?

1 seed due to his 31 home runs, but he's been replaced by Chapman due to injury, with Chapman slotting into the No. 1 spot. What is the format? It's a single-elimination bracket system with three rounds total.

How do you get 30 second bonus in Home Run Derby?

Yes, 30 seconds of bonus time will be awarded for hitting at least two home runs that each equal or exceed 440 feet. Distances will be tracked and posted using Statcast.

Who won the 2011 Home Run Derby?

Robinson Canó

Who won the 1990 Home Run Derby?

Cespedes won the Derby with 32 homers last summer, but, as recently as 2007, the winner failed to crack 20 homers total (Vladimir Guerrero with 17).

Who won the 1993 Home Run Derby?

The '93 derby had its share of mashers — Barry Bonds, Cecil Fielder, Mike Piazza — but in the end, it came down to Juan Gonzalez and Griffey. According to newspaper articles, Gonzalez won the derby and hit the longest home run, some 473 feet into the upper deck.

Who won 2016 Home Run Derby?

Giancarlo Stanton

How are HR Derby players chosen?

Eight players are seeded based on their season home run totals and are given five minutes to hit as many home runs as possible. The winner of each head-to-head matchup advances, until a final winner is determined.