Who does Connor McGovern play for?

By: Doug YoderUpdated: March 05, 2021


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    September 28, 2022
New York Jets
#60 / Center

Also know, how much does Connor McGovern make?

The Jets officially signed versatile offensive lineman Connor McGovern. The former Broncos center inked a three-year, $27 million deal, with $18 million guaranteed on Monday.

Secondly, how old is Connor McGovern?

27 years (April 27, 1993)

Are there two Connor McGovern?

Two Connor McGoverns
That's right, there are two current NFL players named Connor McGovern right now: the Cowboys' rookie and the Denver Broncos veteran. That's the other Connor McGovern.

What happened Connor McGovern?

Cowboys guard Connor McGovern may have been lost for the year, but it wasn't a lost season. The 2019 third-round pick did not suit up as a rookie following a pectoral injury in the spring and another pec injury in August during training camp. Shortly after the season, he said that he's fully recovered to begin 2020.


Who is number 60 on the Broncos?

Connor McGovern
New York Jets
NFL Draft: 2016 / Round: 5 / Pick: 144
Career history
Denver Broncos (2016–2019) New York Jets (2020–present)
Roster status: Active

Where is Connor Mcgovern from?

Larksville, Pennsylvania, United States

Is Connor Mcgovern still with the Dallas Cowboys?

Connor McGovern (born November 3, 1997) is a guard for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). He was selected by the Cowboys in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Connor McGovern (American football, born 1997)
No. 66 – Dallas Cowboys
NFL Draft: 2019 / Round: 3 / Pick: 90
Career history
Dallas Cowboys (2019–present)
Roster status: Active

Who got drafted in the NFL 2019?

NFL Draft picks: Round 1 results
Pick No. Team Player
1 Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray
2 San Francisco 49ers Nick Bosa
3 New York Jets Quinnen Williams
4 Oakland Raiders Clelin Ferrell

Where did Connor Mcgovern go to high school?

Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior High School
Penn State University