Who bought Pelco?

By: Rashid ChuahdaryUpdated: April 24, 2021


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    June 28, 2022
Schneider Electric

Herein, how much did Pelco sell for?

In 2007, the French electrical equipment manufacturer Schneider Electric purchased Pelco for US$1.22 billion in an effort to enhance their building automation business. Schneider Electric's ownership of Pelco came to an end when Pelco was acquired by Transom Capital Group in 2019.

Also Know, who owns Pelco?

Transom Capital Group, LLC

Where are Pelco cameras made?

Pelco, owned by French conglomerate Schneider Electric since 2007, makes video cameras and other equipment for the security and surveillance industries worldwide. Fages said Pelco decided about 1 1/2 years ago to start manufacturing in China to take advantage of explosive growth there.

What happened to Pelco?

Pelco Inc., a Fresno/Clovis-based company known for video surveillance equipment used worldwide, has been sold to a Southern California private equity firm. Transom Capital Group, based in El Segundo, announced Wednesday that it purchased Pelco from French conglomerate Schneider Electric.