Which university is best for MA Economics in India?

By: Adam B MsftUpdated: December 24, 2020


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Which are the best universities for MA in Economics? Ans. Universities like Lady Shri Ram College For Women, Miranda House College, Loyola College, Madras Christian University, Christ University, Bangalore and Fergusson College are few of the top universities to study the course.

Consequently, how can I apply for MA Economics in DU?

  1. Direct/Merit Mode– A candidate must have secured at least 60% aggregate in B.A. Economics (Hons)
  2. Entrance Test Mode– A candidate must have secured at least 60% or 1st division or equivalent CGPA in any UnderGraduate/Postgraduate degree in any subject.

How can I get admission in BA in Delhi School of Economics?

It offers 2 Bachelor's of Arts courses at the undergraduate level. In order to get admission to this college, students have to appear for an entrance exam conducted by Department of Economics in the Delhi School of Economics campus.

How is Ma economics from DSE?

And the easiest thing to do in MA economics from DSE is to crack the entrance examination. Around 230 students get selected in DSE and 80-90 get to be second year while attending classes. DSE has a very time engaging MA course. While doing job, it is very hard to consolidate with the course and compete with your peers.

Which is better MBA or MA in economics?

What Can You Do with a Master's in Economics? While an MBA can offer students a broader range of knowledge, for those who want to pursue careers outside the business world, a master's degree offers deeper and more specialized knowledge.


What is the highest degree in economics?

The Master of Economics is a postgraduate master's degree in economics (M. Econ., M.Ec.; also MS in Economics, MA in Economics, MCom in Economics) comprising training in economic theory, econometrics and / or applied economics.

Is MA Economics worth it in India?

Economics graduates can get prestigious jobs in the government sectors like Indian Economic Services, Indian Civil Services, Reserve Bank of India, National Sample Survey, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Planning Board, Planning Commission, National Council for Applied Economic Research and National Institute of Public

Which university is best to study economics?

Top Universities for Economics in 2019
Top 10 Universities for Economics Worldwide Based on the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019
Rank Name of Institution
1 Harvard University
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
3 Stanford University

What are the jobs after Ma economics?

1) Every corporation,financial service provider, financial institution, consultancy firm and public as well as government sector bank have positions for economists, research associates, research analysts, risk managers, debt managers, budget managers,investment analysts, economic advisory, econometrician, etc.

Is MA in economics tough?

It's not that difficult. Just you need to work on the Calculus Basics and have a thorough knowledge of it. Once you're good in Differentiation, Integration and other aspects of calculus, the applied mathematics in Economics becomes easier for you to understand.

How do I prepare for a masters in economics?

Do past years' papers : You can't escape this. You can download past years papers of Delhi school of economics, Indian statistical institute, Jawaharlal Nehru University (SSS) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (SIS) and start solving them.

How can I prepare for DSE economics?

Just get a hold of the right preparation material and past entrance test papers, and follow a disciplined routine for your preparation. You can refer to books followed in a standard B.A. (Hons.) Economics programme in India (like that of Delhi University).

Is maths compulsory for MA Economics in DU?

Mathematics in graduation is not mandatory to be considered eligible for MA Economics in most of the Universities, whereas in few, it is. So, basically, it depends which university you want to pursue the course from and therefore, you must refer to the official website of the Universities for proper information.

What is difference between MA Economics and MSC economics?

M.A in Economics is a Post Graduate degree which can be done by any aspirant with an under graduate degree whereas M.Sc in Economics is a Post Graduate Academic degree course which can be accomplished by an aspirant with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Is it difficult to get into DSE?

For a non DU-student getting into Delhi School is not tough and not easy at the same time. There are about 235 seats of which half are reserved for merit for DU students while for the rest half of the seats Delhi University conducts an entrance examination.

How many seats are there in DU for MA economics?

Currently there are 232 seats available. Out of which 116(50%) are reserved for merit list of Delhi University students of economics hons. The rest 116 seats are filled through an entrance examination normally held on the last Saturday of June every year.

Is a masters in economics useful?

Economics as an academic field is not focused on practical applications in the real world. Few, if any, of the courses you will take for a master's are useful for anything other than academic research in economics. Further, most good universities do not offer the master's degree in economics as an application choice.

Can I do MBA after Ma economics?

If you want to study more to have one more Masters degree after getting in-depth knowledge of Economics then you can go for it. But if you've already graduated from these premier institutes (DSE/ISI) then it advisable to do MBA only from top IIMs or abroad.

Where can I study economics in India?

Top Institutes to Study Economics in India
  • University of Delhi, South Campus.
  • Delhi School of Economics (University of Delhi)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
  • University of Bombay, Mumbai.
  • University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore.
  • Stephen College, Delhi University.
  • Jamia Milia Islamia University.