Which is the best Celerio model?

By: Artur PharrelUpdated: December 06, 2020


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Variant Ex-Showroom Price Compare
ZXI Optional998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 21.63 kmpl Rs.5.46 Lakh* Get On Road Price Compare
ZXI AMT998 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 21.63 kmpl Top Selling Rs.5.48 Lakh* Get On Road Price Compare
ZXI AMT Optional998 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 21.63 kmpl Rs.5.58 Lakh* Get On Road Price Compare

Subsequently, one may also ask, is celerio a good car?

Well Maruti Suzuki Celerio is a decent car with decent looks all what it offers is a petrol variant and a CNG variant. As per me the Maruti Suzuki Celerio is a back-to-basics city car that's easy to drive and surprisingly spacious. Car represent such good value for money. Performance, Handling & Economy.

One may also ask, is Maruti Celerio fully automatic?

What are the automatic variants of Maruti Celerio? Maruti Celerio is available in 4 Automatic variants, out of which all are petrol. The base Automatic variant Celerio VXI AMT starts at Rs. 5.23 lakh and the top-end Automatic variant Celerio ZXI AMT Optional is priced at Rs.

Is celerio discontinued?

Maruti Suzuki A-Star
The A-Star was finally discontinued to make way for the Celerio in the Indian market.

Which is best i10 or celerio?

Front and rear seat are spacious as compare to celerio also the leg room and head room space of grand i10 is better both for city and highway drive. Grand i10 has a better engine and has a good set of steering wheel and suspension set which gives you more confidence as a driver than celerio.


Which is better celerio or Santro?

Verdict: The Santro offers a lot more at a slight premium over the entry level variant of the Celerio, making it the better choice at this price point. The Santro also offers safety features like ABS with EBD as standard, unlike the Celerio. As the Celerio loses out on the safety aspect, the Santro is the one to pick.

Which color is best in celerio?

Well, all the colors of the cars are good and best in the market as of now which is making a good sales. Here I personally recommend you to go for blazing red, silky silver, arctic white.

Is celerio suitable for long drives?

As far as safety is concern the celerio is having a very light and fragile body shell. It wont make you feel that you are driving any tank like built car. The car is good for city type driving. The top variant of the car has a lot of safety feature but I would still not recommend to take this on a long route.

Is celerio a flop model?

Maruti Celerio is definitely a successful car. Also the performance of the car is very good. Celerio is a fuel efficient car. Add to that the automatic variants get fuel efficiency equivalent to manual which makes it quite popular in urban cities.

Does celerio have power steering?

Ans : Yes, the Maruti Suzuki Celerio is available with power steering. The top-spec model also gets tilt adjustable steering column to offer comfortable driving experience; however, the entry spec model has standard steering wheel.

Which car is better Tiago or celerio?

Maruti Celerio vs Tata Tiago Comparison
Celerio has 998 cc (Petrol top model) engine, while Tiago has 1199 cc (Petrol top model) engine. As far as mileage is concerned, the Celerio has a mileage of 31.79 km/kg (Petrol top model)> and the Tiago has a mileage of 23.84 kmpl (Petrol top model).

Is Ignis better than celerio?

The diesel Ignis though was consistently 3 kmpl more efficient the Celerio petrol. Space & Comfort: The Ignis is marginally bigger than the Celerio, along every dimension. However, there's hardly any difference in the space inside both the cars.

Is celerio automatic or manual better?

We find out<br><br>The Celerio sports an automated manual transmission which essentially is a manual gearbox with an ECU used to engage and disengage the clutch instead of a clutch pedal. <br><br>It's still faster than the Celerio and has more predictable power delivery.

Which is better celerio LXI or VXI?

The claimed mileage of Maruti Celerio (Petrol Model) is 21.6 kmpl where as claimed mileage of Maruti Celerio (Petrol Model) is 21.6 kmpl.

Celerio VXI AMT vs Celerio Zxi AMT.
Celerio vs Celerio Overview Celerio VXI AMT Celerio Zxi AMT
Mileage (ARAI) kmpl 21.63 kmpl 21.63 kmpl
Tyre Size 165/70 R14 165/70 R14
Boot Space 235-litres 235-litres

Which is cheapest car in India?

Top five cheapest automatic cars in India that are inexpensive to drive as well
  • Datsun REDI-GO. Datsun REDI-GO.
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto k10. Maruti Suzuki Alto k10.
  • Renault KWID. Renault Kwid.
  • Tata Tiago Automatic. Tata Tiago.
  • Maruti Suzuki Automatic. Maruti Suzuki Celerio.

Which is best car under 6 lakhs?

Best cars under Rs 6 lakh to buy in 2019
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MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE, Rs 5.6 lakh Rs 2,901 Rs 3.64 lakh
TATA TIAGO, Rs 5.92 lakh Rs 2,157 Rs 2.96 lakh
HYUNDAI GRAND i10, Rs 6 lakh Rs 3,376 Rs 3.72 lakh

Which is the best car in India?

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Which is best small automatic car?

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What is the cost of celerio car?

Variant Ex-Showroom Price
LXI998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 21.63 kmpl Rs.4.41 Lakh* Get On Road Price
LXI Optional998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 21.63 kmpl Rs.4.49 Lakh* Get On Road Price
VXI998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 21.63 kmpl Rs.4.8 Lakh* Get On Road Price
VXI Optional998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 21.63 kmpl Rs.4.87 Lakh* Get On Road Price

Is celerio a sedan?

The petrol Celerio is sold in four manual and two AMT variants with both transmission connected to a 1.0-litre K10B engine that makes 67 bhp and 90 Nm of peak torque. This brings us to our imaginative rendering showcasing a subcompact sedan based on the standard Celerio.

How much CC is Maruti celerio?

The Maruti Celerio has 1 Petrol Engine and 1 CNG Engine on offer. The Petrol engine is 998 cc while the CNG engine is 998 cc. It is available with the Manual and Automatic transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Celerio has a mileage of 21.63 kmpl to 31.79 km/kg.