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Where is Jostens based?

By: Mahesh AUpdated: January 12, 2021


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As well as its headquarters near Minneapolis and operational offices in Owatonna, Minnesota, Jostens has facilities in Calgary, Alberta; Clarksville, Tennessee; Denton, Texas; Eagan, Minnesota; Laurens, South Carolina; Norman, Oklahoma; Sedalia, Missouri; Shelbyville, Tennessee; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Similarly, who is the CEO of Jostens?

Charles Mooty (Jan 1, 2014–)

Likewise, what company owns Jostens?


Is Jostens a good company?

Jostens Employee Reviews. Very easy going company for which to work. Self paced but fast paced and intense at peak seasons. Great support staff at the corp offices to assist you through any of the challenges that might come along.

How much is a Jostens class ring worth?

So the value of a 10k gold class ring is scrap gold price. On a 10 gram ring at $1200 spot gold would be around $10 per gram =$100. And you can get that amount by going to a jeweler or pawn shop.


Does Jostens use real diamonds?

Diamonds and synthetic stones
All diamonds purchased by Jostens are certified to be conflict-free by our diamond suppliers, who adheres to the Kimberley Certification Process. Also, Jostens maintains a long-term relationship with a leader in the production of synthetic stones.

Is Jostens gold real?

Jostens uses recycled gold, often referred to as the "greenest gold", which reduces our need to obtain newly-mined gold for our ring products.

How long has Jostens been in business?

Type Private
Founded 1897
Founder Otto Josten
Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota , United States
Number of locations 10 facilities in North America

What does Josten mean?

Josten Name Meaning. Dutch and German: patronymic from the personal name Jost.

Who makes Super Bowl rings?

Jostens has created 35 of the 53 Super Bowl rings, including the very first and the most recent four. Other designers include Balfour and Tiffany & Co., which has also designed the Vince Lombardi trophy, awarded to the winning team.

What company makes class rings?

Tradition meets trend in this exciting new class ring. The Class Band™ by Jostens® delivers stunning customization and personalization options in a sleek and sophisticated style.

What is a companion ring from Jostens?

With the purchase of the ring, they got a free companion ring with “2020” engraved on it and were encouraged to give their companion ring to somebody special, such as a parent, friend, significant other, or relative.

Is Jostens a public company?

and other entities comprising the Jostens business ("Jostens"). Otto Josten founded the company in 1897 as a watch repair business in Owatonna, MN. The company went public in 1959 and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange from June 16, 1965 until May 10, 2000.

Are Walmart class rings good quality?

Class Ring
The ring is great quality, fits perfectly, arrived way faster than expected, and my daughter loved it. The only reason I didn't rate it 5-star is the mascot was not the actual school mascot.

How long does Jostens take to make a ring?

Typically jewelry production is 4-6 weeks for online orders. Customized options you have selected may cause the manufacturing time to vary. Delivery may vary based on programs chosen by your school.

What are Jostens rings made of?

A Jostens proprietary metal. A bright white luster primarily composed of silver with elements of precious metals, including palladium, and rhodium plating for durability and shine.

How much does it cost to make a yearbook?

How Much Do Yearbooks Cost? Traditional yearbooks can range from $10 to $100 or more per yearbook, depending on the type and style of the yearbook cover, the number of pages in the yearbook, the quantity of copies ordered and any additional yearbook enhancements.

Where are the Super Bowl rings made?

The process of designing, manufacturing and distributing Super Bowl rings takes about four months, according to Jostens, the Minnesota-based jewelry company that has crafted 35 of the 53 sets of existing rings. Winning teams are heavily involved in the design process.

What are custom seal note cards for?

Custom Seal Notecards & Certificates of Appreciation
Handwrite a heartfelt message with custom announcement cards, or present a certificate of appreciation for someone that has made sacrifices or supported you in your journey.

How are class rings made?

How A Class Ring Is Made (VIDEO) She actually personalizes the ring by cutting your name across the top of the pride side. Then your melted metal is poured into a cast to form your class ring.

What is the history of Jostens?

Jostens traces its history to 1897 in Owatonna, Minn., where Otto Josten, a jewelry repairman, created the class ring. The company was publicly traded from 1965 until 2000.