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Where is Hellfest 2019?

By: Irvin Epitacio AllendeUpdated: January 29, 2021


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    June 26, 2022
Clisson, France

Similarly, is hellfest a real place?

The killer theme park haunted attractions featured in the upcoming Halloween horror film Hell Fest will be brought life in the real world at three Six Flags parks this fall during their annual Fright Fest event.

Also to know, why did Manowar cancel hellfest?

We fought to give our fans the performance we promised last year at Hellfest, but we will not be pushed around by the Hellfest promoters who chose not to honor their contractual obligations and think they can do wrong to us and to our fans.

How many people go to Hellfest?

It originated in another music festival, the Fury Fest, held from 2002 to 2005, in different areas of Pays de la Loire. Hellfest took over in 2006 and over the years has seen a continuous rise in visitors, from 22,000 in the first edition, to 55,000 tickets sold per day in 2017.

Hellfest (French music festival)

Is hellfest sold out?

The festival was organized for the first time in 2006 and takes place annually in Clisson. Every year more than 50,000 visitors attend the festival, which is often sold out in a few hours.


Will there be a hellfest 2?

One thing is for certain: There will be no “Hell Fest 2,” because this park is going to get sued into oblivion by the survivors' legal team. “Hell Festwould have made a better episode of “Defunctland” than an actual, feature-length film.

Who dies hellfest?

List of deaths in Hell Fest (2018)
No. Name Cause of death
3. Gavin Head smashed into mush with a mallet
4. Asher Impaled in the left eye with a syringe
5. Taylor Lacerated in the back of the neck in a prop guillotine, Slashed in the face and stabbed to death
6. Quinn Stabbed in the stomach and in the chest with knife

What happens at the end of Hellfest?

Taylor runs toward the group crying for help, but the killer catches up to her and stabs her to death in full view of the patrons, followed by Quinn when he runs after them. The patrons realize he's a real killer, and they flee in terror. Natalie and Brooke run into another haunted house to avoid the killer.

Does Netflix have hellfest?

Hell Fest. A serial killer picks off a group of friends, one by one, as they make their way through a hell-themed amusement park.

What is the movie hellfest about?

On Halloween night, three young women and their respective boyfriends head to Hell Fest -- a ghoulish traveling carnival that features a labyrinth of rides, games and mazes. They soon face a bloody night of terror when a masked serial killer turns the horror theme park into his own personal playground.