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Where can I buy XRP with a credit card?

By: Camilla GerdgrenUpdated: December 29, 2020


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    June 26, 2022
The best place to buy Ripple (XRP) is Bitit. You can pay directly with your credit or debit card, bank transfer or with prepaid vouchers (Neosurf and Cashlib) in cash.

In respect to this, where I can buy ripple?


One may also ask, is it a good time to buy ripple?

Initially, the service predicts a bad year ahead for XRP. However, if you can handle a little FUD, it may be a good time to accumulate XRP at such a low price. WalletInvestor believes the price will recover to around $0.46 by the end of 2020, $0.58 in 2021, and over $2.00 in 2025, making XRP a buy and hold investment.

Can I invest in Ripple?

How To Invest In Ripple. Note: As of 2020, you can now simply just open a Coinbase account and buy Ripple XRP directly on the platform. As we mentioned earlier, Ripple is not “easy” to invest in. However, there are rumors that Coinbase will be adding support for Ripple in the near future.

Is XRP a good buy?

For investors looking for a smart investment under $1, Ripple could be a good contender. Ripple isn't your traditional digital currency. Today, Ripple is busy revolutionizing the ways in which we transfer money and receive payments. Soon, it will change the ways in which we bank and conduct business around the globe.


Will XRP rise?

XRP predictions from cryptocurrency analysts
Expect a bullish outcome before March 2020. The forex and cryptocurrencies trading platform sees little action in 2020, with an average price of $0.26 (and a low of $0.21). Ripple's token may see some growth in 2021, reaching around $0.36 – and up to $0.50 in 2022.

How do I buy XRP with my debit card?

How to buy XRP with Credit Card or Debit Card
  1. 1st Step: Make a Ripple wallet—we suggest Edge wallet.
  2. 2nd Step: Start a transaction on Paybis and provide your wallet address.
  3. 3rd Step: Pay with your card and receive your XRP.

Which Cryptocurrency is best?

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020:
  • Bitcoin. In May 2020, the first and major cryptocurrency developers will offer 50% reduced rewards – 6.25 BTC instead of 12.5 BTC for each verified block.
  • Ethereum.
  • NEO.
  • EOS.
  • Ripple.

What is the price of XRP?

XRP Statistics
XRP Price $0.204681 USD
90 Day High / Low $0.245920 USD / $0.115093 USD
30 Day High / Low $0.226340 USD / $0.188483 USD
7 Day High / Low $0.211519 USD / $0.192201 USD
24 Hour High / Low $0.211519 USD / $0.201749 USD

Where can I invest in XRP?

bitsane.com is considered by many to be the best website when it comes to buying Ripple. It's a Europe-based trading platform that offers full customer support, fast trading speeds and secure transactions. By popular opinion, Bitsane should be your go-to choice if you're thinking about where to buy Ripple.

Is Ripple a bad investment?

Ripple has no cap on units making it inflationary and a bad long term store of value. Worse yet it's backed by the banks and who in their right mind would trust the banking cartels to do anything but line their own pockets at everyone else's expense.

What is the easiest way to buy ripple?

While buying Ripple directly with USD is the easiest way, not all exchanges have this capability. Additionally, exchange rates are often not as good. By buying another cryptocurrency first (like Ether), you can then buy Ripple in an exchange (which is actually not too complicated).

Should I buy stellar or ripple?

However, they do have their differences. So let's start the Stellar vs Ripple battle. First, it is important to understand why Jed McCaleb decided to leave Ripple to create Stella.

Stellar vs Ripple: Key Differences.
Stellar Ripple
Control Considered less centralized Considered more centralized

Can XRP reach $1000?

The third-largest cryptocurrency might be currently trading at $0.32. But according to one trader, in the coming years, XRP is going to hit $1,000. On January 7th, XRP hit its all-time high at around $3 and now according to trader AinisSpainis, XRP can see a growth of more than 33,000 percent from its peak.

What is ripple worth in USD?

XRP Statistics
XRP Price $0.201184 USD
90 Day High / Low $0.235703 USD / $0.115093 USD
30 Day High / Low $0.224728 USD / $0.188483 USD
7 Day High / Low $0.214335 USD / $0.199672 USD
24 Hour High / Low $0.204674 USD / $0.199672 USD

What app can I buy ripple XRP?

Here are top websites to buy Ripple:
  • Coinmama (Buy XRP with a Credit card or bank transfer (SEPA or SWIFT)
  • Bybit (For XRP margin trading)
  • CoinBase (Buy Ripple with Bank Account (ACH) or debit card)
  • CEX.io (London based exchange let you buy Instantly using credit/debit card)
  • Wazirx (India based exchange let you buy XRP)

What was the highest price of ripple?

Ripple had an all-time high of $2.7835 about 2 years ago. Over the last day, Ripple has had 9% transparent volume and has been trading on 717 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being USDT ($1.31B), BTC ($420.11M), and USD ($250.12M).

Is Ripple a good investment 2019?

The crypto market is so volatile that even the best analytical forecasts regarding further market movement are often in vain. Believing that Ripple has the strongest potential among other cryptocurrencies, Investing Haven suggests that XRP is going to have a flawless year and end 2019 at the price of $20.

What will ripple be worth in 2030?

XRP Price 2021: Smartereum noted that even conservative experts were suggesting that XRP could reach up to $1,000 a coin, in just a few years after 2019. XRP Price 2030: Smartereum's feature reported projections that Ripple's value could go up to $200-$300 by 2030.