Where can I buy LED TV in Bangkok?

By: Adriano VarlottaUpdated: March 22, 2021


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    August 14, 2022
if you are looking to buy a TV in Bangkok then go to the top floor of Siam Pargon's department store and there you can check out the latest TVs on offer. There is a dedicated Samsung shop in Siam Paragon Mall as well as a few other electrical shops such as Panasonic and Toshiba. How much are LED TVs in Bangkok ?

In this regard, how much is a TV in Thailand?

Currently flat screen TVs at Big C are priced between 5,990 baht ($198) for a 24 inch Toshiba LED flat screen TV to 21,990 baht ($709) for a Samsung 42 inch LED flat screen.

Also Know, can I bring TV from Bangkok to India?

Beginning August 26, India has decided to levy a 35% customs duty on LCD and LED television sets that passengers bring along with them as part of the duty-free baggage allowance of Rs 35,000. It is estimated that a 32-inch TV set in Thailand costs up to Rs 18,000; in India, it ranges between Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000.

Is 55 inch TV allowed in flight?

Televisions (TVs)
You can carry TVs as checked baggage on our flights. However, the size of the TV must not exceed more than 55 inches.

Do I have to pay customs duty on TV India?

What is the Customs Duty for LCD and LED Televisions? According to Government of India, the duties for imported TVs is around 36%. So this means 36% is the duty you have to pay when you bring a TV from abroad.


What is custom duty on LED TV India?

Starting August 26, the government has decided to levy 36% customs duty on LCD and LED television sets that passengers bring along with them as part of the duty-free baggage allowance of Rs 35,000.

Can 55 inch TV go in India?

If you have a large TV (like 55 inches and plus), it's probably a good idea to take it to India, provided you can get a good shipping company that'll take it safe and sound and not get you custom fees. For 55 inch TVs and beyond, there is a significant amount of price difference between Indian and US TVs.

What size TV can I carry on a plane?

You can check in TVs up to 140cm (55 inches) with a total weight not exceeding 32kg (70lb). The TV may be subject to overweight or oversized baggage fees depending on your baggage allowance. Please note that acceptance of TVs as checked baggage will depend on the airport you are departing from or arriving to.

Is there any custom duty on 32 LED TV in India?

The Custom duty charges for bringing imported electronic goods into India is 36%.

Can India take old TV?

You can bring small TVs like 32 inch LED/LCD Tv as a check-in baggage in the flight. You are allowed to bring electronic items worth up to Rs 25,000 free of duty in the flight and most 32 inch TVs will fall in to this category.

How can we take LED TV in flight?

If your TV fits withing the dimensions and weight for the route being travelled, you may carry an LED/LCD TV as part of your checked-in luggage. For items which fit the specified maximum size, but exceed the standard free baggage allowance mentioned on the ticket, normal excess baggage charges will be applied.

Can I carry 43 inch TV in train?

So carrying an LED TV in a train as personal luggage won't be a problem at all. You don't need to pay any charges for that. If any one find out the you are carrying TV along with you tc will be fine 300to 1500fine be care full with him doesn't exhibit to him, and also be careful during travel with theif.

What is the custom duty charge?

Custom duty is a kind of an indirect tax that is imposed on both exported and imported goods and services. The government charges these taxes during the export or import of goods and services to raise money and/or to shield the domestic establishments from the competitors from other countries.

Can you take a 32 inch TV on a plane?

It is not uncommon to get a tv, still in the tv box, as a piece of luggage. A box over 32 inches will be treated as an oversized bag and will avoid the kickers that could damage the tv. It will cost more however, so be prepared to pay more.

How much is the custom duty in India for electronics?

Currently, these items attract a flat 10% basic customs duty (BCD) in addition to integrated GST. It is the BCD that gives a tariff edge to local manufacturing as a cut in GST rate will equally benefit both imports and local production.

Can I carry TV from Dubai to India?

Yes you can bring 65″ led television from Dubai to India. Before you decide to do so, you must calculate Customs Duty and Air Freight Charges.