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Where are the McClymonts from?

By: Terry ThomasUpdated: April 30, 2021


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    August 19, 2022
Grafton, Australia

Likewise, people ask, where do the McClymonts live?

Brooke McClymont and her husband Adam Eckersley now live on the Central Coast, while Mollie McClymont bought a house in Wollongong.

Secondly, are the McClymonts sisters?

The McClymonts are an Australian country music trio comprising sisters Brooke McClymont (born 1981), Samantha McClymont (born 1986) and Mollie McClymont (born 1987), originally from Grafton, New South Wales.

Who is Brooke McClymont married to?

Adam Eckersley

How old is Brooke Mcclymont?

39 years (May 16, 1981)