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When did The Washington Post go public?

By: Dan BirnbaumUpdated: February 24, 2021


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June 15, 1971

Accordingly, is The Washington Post publicly traded?

It is a public company and its Class B common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GHC; it went public in 1971. On August 5, 2013 it was announced that the Washington Post Company would sell the flagship newspaper for $250 million to Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of

Also Know, who were the owners of the Washington Post?

Nash Holdings

Who said democracy dies in darkness?

Bob Woodward

Who owned the Washington Post in 1972?

The Washington Post
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Owner(s) Nash Holdings
Founder(s) Stilson Hutchins
Publisher Fred Ryan
Editor-in-chief Martin Baron


Who owned the Post in 1971?

Katharine Graham
Occupation Newspaper publisher
Spouse(s) Philip Graham ( m. 1940; died 1963)
Children 4, including Lally and Donald
Parent(s) Agnes E. Meyer Gene Meyer

Which Washington newspaper is conservative?

The Washington Times is an American conservative daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C., that covers general interest topics with a particular emphasis on national politics.

Who owned the Washington Post in 1970?

As head of the Washington Post Company (1963-91) and publisher of the Washington Post (1969-79), Katharine Graham (1917-2001) became one of the world's most powerful women.

What age group reads The Washington Post?

Readers of the Washington Post in the U.S. 2018, by age
In that year, 9.08 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 years were readers of the Washington Post in the United States in the last two weeks.

What is democracy dies in darkness?

"Democracy Dies in Darkness" is the official slogan of American newspaper The Washington Post, adopted in 2017. The slogan was introduced on the newspaper's website on February 22, 2017, and was added to print copies a week later.

Who runs the Washington Times?

The Washington Times was founded on May 17, 1982, by Unification movement leader Sun Myung Moon and owned until 2010 by News World Communications, an international media conglomerate founded by Moon. It is currently owned by Operations Holdings, which is owned by the Unification movement.

Is the post based on a true story?

Set in 1971, The Post depicts the true story of attempts by journalists at The Washington Post to publish the infamous "Pentagon Papers", a set of classified documents regarding the 20-year involvement of the United States government in the Vietnam War (1961-1975) and earlier in French Indochina back to the 1940s and

Who was the editor of the Washington Post in 1971?

Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee (August 26, 1921 – October 21, 2014) was an American newspaperman.

What is Movie The post about?

Katharine Graham is the first female publisher of a major American newspaper -- The Washington Post. With help from editor Ben Bradlee, Graham races to catch up with The New York Times to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets that spans three decades and four U.S. presidents. Together, they must overcome their differences as they risk their careers -- and very freedom -- to help bring long-buried truths to light.

How do I contact the Washington Post editors?

Address comments, complaints or questions about Post content to: [email protected] . Send commentary submitted for publication to: [email protected] or write Letters to the Editor, c/o Editorial Page. Send information to [email protected] and call 202-334-6477 to make sure your material was received.

Who is the publisher for The Washington Post?

Fred Ryan