What We Are Working

GotThisNow.com was started by Karry Jonathan in 2017 as a hobby project when he was in college. Later on, as his interest grew he collaborated with three of his friends to pool some investment money to finally kick start GotThisNow.com commercially.

Initially, apart from investment, those three friends also took part in development of the site's backend but only did as a sideline gig. Later on, as the site gained popularity ads money started to pour in, thus allowing the crew of four to assume full time roles while leaving their jobs. But to reach that point, we also had to secure some funding from outside investors.

Today GotThisNow.com serves millions of people. From queries like "Who invented Toyota car?" to "Why do I get sleepy in the middle of the day?" the questions belongs every niche possible. You ask it and we find the answer to it. On the whole, the site has been divided into 21 main categories.