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What was foreigners first hit?

By: Kim Su HwanUpdated: April 26, 2021


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The band's debut, Foreigner, was released in March 1977 and sold more than four million copies in the United States, staying in the Top 20 for a year with such hits as "Feels Like the First Time", "Cold as Ice" and "Long, Long Way from Home".

Keeping this in consideration, what happened to the original singer of Foreigner?

In a tweet, the band wrote that Gramm was hospitalized in Rochester, New York, last week with a "severe respiratory infection, dehydration and fatigue." Though he'd prepared for the 40th anniversary tour, a doctor reportedly told Gramm on Tuesday that he would be unable to perform on the shows.

Does foreigner have any original members?

Jones, Gramm, Elliott, Greenwood and McDonald are all original members of Foreigner. The current Foreigner lineup consists of Jones, Hansen, bassist Jeff Pilson, guitarist Thomas Gimbel, multi-instrumentalist Bruce Watson, keyboardist Michael Bluestein and drummer Chris Frazier, the newest member who joined in 2012.

Who was the original singer for Foreigner?

Lou Gramm
Kelly Hansen

Who sings for foreigner now?

Kelly Hansen


When did Foreigner break up?

Schulman returned for a second stint in 2000, before Denny Carmassi took over in time for the group's 25th anniversary tour in 2002. After the tour ended in early 2003, Gramm and Turgon left Foreigner, and the band was put on hiatus for over a year.

Who started foreigner?

Jones returned to his native England in the early 70's to reform the band Spooky Tooth with Gary Wright. After Spooky Tooth broke up, Mick moved to New York City and, in 1976, formed Foreigner with fellow Brits Ian Mc Donald and Dennis Elliott, and Americans Lou Gramm, Alan Greenwood and Ed Gagliardi.

How many top ten hits did foreigner?

Among the 47 singles released by the band, 14 of them became top 20 hits in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including the number-one song "I Want to Know What Love Is" and the number-two "Waiting for a Girl Like You", which spent a record-setting 10 weeks at the number 2 position of the chart without ever reaching the top

Where is Lou Gramm now?

Gramm, who now lives in Webster, N.Y., has battled multiple health issues in recent years and said in 2017 he was planning to retire from performing. He officially left Foreigner in 1990 but reunited with Jones in 2017 to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary.

What is foreigner challenge?

What is the TikTok Foreigner Challenge? The Foreigner Challenge is in no way harmless. It involves young children sharing sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves while the song “Foreigner” by Pop Smoke plays in the background (hence the name of the “challenge”).

Is foreigner still touring?

Foreigner Announce 2020 Juke Box Heroes Tour With Kansas. Foreigner is bringing the hits to the newly announced 2020 Juke Box Heroes tour with special guest Kansas. The nearly 40-date tour will close out in September with three shows in Texas.

What type of music is foreigner?

Hard rock
Arena rock
Pop rock

When did Lou Gramm leave foreigner?

He officially left Foreigner in 1990 but reunited with Jones in 2017 to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary.

What are foreigners biggest hits?

Here are 10 of Foreigner's best known and best loved songs.
  1. 1. " I Want To Know What Love Is"
  2. 2. " Feels Like The First Time"
  3. 3. " Cold As Ice"
  4. 4. " Hot Blooded"
  5. 5. " Double Vision"
  6. 6. " Head Games"
  7. 7. " Dirty White Boy"
  8. 8. " Urgent"

How long is the Foreigner concert?

between 1 and 1 1/2 hours

Is Lou Gramm touring with Foreigner in 2020?

Foreigner Singer Lou Gramm Hospitalized, Drops Off Band's Reunion Tour. Prior to the Juke Box Heroes tour, Foreigner will launch 2020 with a three-day run at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Tennessee with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra from Jan.

What is the best foreigner album?

The Best Foreigner Albums of All Time
  • 5 Agent Provocateur.
  • 6 Inside Information.
  • 7 Mr. Moonlight.
  • 8 Records.
  • 9 The Definitive Collection.
  • 10 Unusual Heat.
  • 11 Can't Slow Down.
  • 12 Juke Box Heroes.

Is foreigner a British band?

Foreigner is a British–American rock band, originally formed in New York City and London in 1976 by veteran English musician and ex–Spooky Tooth member Mick Jones, and fellow Briton and ex–King Crimson member Ian McDonald along with American vocalist Lou Gramm.

Is Lou Gramm still in foreigner?

On July 20, 2017, Gramm joined Foreigner for three songs during an encore at Jones Beach Theatre in Long Island, New York. On December 29, 2018, Gramm announced on stage in Schenectady, New York that he was retiring from touring.

Is Mick Jones still in foreigner?

Foreigner's Mick Jones Reveals the Real Reason for His Absence from the Band's Live Lineup. Foreigner leader Mick Jones blamed complications from heart surgery for his temporary absence from the road awhile back, but as he recently revealed during an interview with CBS News, that wasn't really the whole story.