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What was Ben Hall famous for?

By: Juan ThompsonUpdated: January 18, 2021


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Ben Hall (bushranger) Ben Hall (9 May 1837 – 5 May 1865) was an Australian bushranger. He and his associates carried out many raids across New South Wales, from Bathurst to Forbes, south to Gundagai and east to Goulburn.

Similarly, you may ask, is the legend of Ben Hall true?

Historical accuracy
Much of the dialogue used by Ben Hall, John Gilbert and John Dunn in the film comes directly from newspaper articles and eye-witness accounts. The film's story is based on real life events that occurred between August 1864 and May 1865.

Beside above, did Ben Hall have a son?

On 7 August, 1859,Ben and Biddy (as she was called) had a son, whom they named Henry.

Who betrayed Ben Hall?

Mick Coneley

What was Ben Hall's crime?

June 15, 1862: robbed the gold escort coach at Eugowra Rocks with seven others, including Frank Gardiner, John Gilbert and John O'Meally. It was the biggest gold robbery in Australian history.


Who is the most famous bushranger?

Ned Kelly, byname of Edward Kelly, (born June 1855, Beveridge, Victoria, Australia—died November 11, 1880, Melbourne), most famous of the bushrangers, Australian rural outlaws of the 19th century. In 1877 Kelly shot and injured a policeman who was trying to arrest his brother, Dan Kelly, for horse theft.

What happened Ben Hall?

Ben Hall (bushranger) Ben Hall (9 May 1837 – 5 May 1865) was an Australian bushranger. Unlike many bushrangers of the era, Hall was not directly responsible for any deaths, although several of his associates were. He was shot dead by police in May 1865 at Goobang Creek.

What was the best known occupation of early NSW grazier Ben Hall?

Young Ben spent his early years working with horses and cattle, developing his expertise in stockwork and bushcraft, skills which would later serve him well. In 1856, at the age of 19, Ben married Bridget Walsh (1841–1923) at Bathurst.

Where was the legend of Ben Hall filmed?

The Legend of Ben Hall was mostly filmed in regional Victoria, in areas that resembled the area Hall and his gang roamed, but there were scenes filmed around Forbes while production took place in Melbourne.

Who was Benjamin Hall?

Benjamin Hall, 1st Baron Llanover PC (8 November 1802 – 27 April 1867), known as Sir Benjamin Hall between 1838 and 1859, was a Welsh civil engineer and politician. The famous "Big Ben" may have been named for him.