What type of series is 13 Reasons Why?

By: Sebastian GilUpdated: February 19, 2021


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13 Reasons Why (stylized onscreen as TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY) is an American teen drama web television series originally developed for Netflix as limited series by Brian Yorkey, based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Consequently, is Elite similar to 13 Reasons Why?

Honestly, Elite is the Spanish version of 13 Reasons Why, with that teen drama and murders, both seasons are similar. Clay and Samuel's character is actually quite similar. However, 13 Reasons Why's soundtracks made it more intense and the realistic approach was also more in the 13 Reasons Why.

Also, can I watch 13 reasons why on Amazon Prime?

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Is it worth watching 13 Reasons Why?

Yes, it's a good series for me because it put into words a lot of things I couldn't say about high school. I feel like high school students should watch it to realize that their words and actions do have impact on others. 13 reasons why is one of those TV shows that will have a great impact on your life.

How did Monty de la Cruz die?

Ani gives the falsely arrested Clay an alibi, telling Deputy Standall that Clay had been driving around with her all night on the night of Bryce's death. That's when Deputy Standall breaks the news that Monty was killed in his jail cell just hours before.


Is 13 reasons why Cancelled?

Netflix has announced that the upcoming fourth season of the show will be the last. In a statement, Netflix insisted that it was purely a creative decision to end the series now, explaining that season four “will feature the core cast's graduation from High School which will be a natural conclusion to the show.”

Why did Alex push Bryce?

When Jess and Alex go to leave Bryce asks Alex for a hand standing up. Alex, thinking about all the damage Bryce had done, pushes him into the river where he drowns as he's unable to help himself thanks to his injuries.

Who killed Bryce Walker clues?

The question of how Bryce died is at the heart of 13 Reasons Why season three and we now know the answer. While the evidence mounted up with each episode looking at each character it turned out it wasn't Clay who killed Bryce or Tony, Jess or Justin. Bryce's killer was revealed to be Alex Standall.

Who is the new girl in 13 Reasons Why?

Hannah is introduced as a sophomore at the fictional Liberty High School, where she struggles to adjust to living in an unsympathetic school environment. In the television series, Hannah is portrayed by Australian model Katherine Langford, who returned for the show's second season, which was released in 2018.

Who has died in 13 Reasons Why?

The question of how Bryce died is at the heart of 13 Reasons Why season three and we now know the answer. While the evidence mounted up with each episode looking at each character it turned out it wasn't Clay who killed Bryce or Tony, Jess or Justin. Bryce's killer was revealed to be Alex Standall.

What did Alex do to Hannah?

According to Tape 2, Side A, the episode dedicated to Alex, Hannah blames him for breaking her heart and destroying her only lifeline to friendship. On the tape, she references the damage created by his "Hot List:" "At first I thought, what a stupid list.

What did Zach do to Hannah?

After being humiliated by Hannah, Zach got revenge on her by stealing and throwing away all of Hannah's notes in the Brown Paper Bag Program, notes that she desperately needed to gain comfort and confidence. Hannah figured out that Zach was the one who took her notes, so she wrote him a note in order to confront him.

Is 13 reasons a true story?

On the tapes, Hannah explained the 13 reasons why she decided to commit suicide. But wait, is it based off a true story? It turns out, although the series is not inspired by a real story, the situations that occur in it are all based off of real-life things that have happened to him or the people around him.

Who died in 13 reasons why season 1?

Hannah Baker's death was the main premise for seasons one and two of 13 Reasons Why. While she died by suicide before the events of the show, throughout season one we see, in various flashbacks, why she felt she needed to end her life and who she held responsible.

Who is the neighbor in you Season 3?

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Penn began musing about Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) in season 3 but quickly backtracked, presumably after remembering that nothing has been made official when it comes to a third season for the hit Netflix show. Warning: Very mild spoilers for You season 2 ahead.

Why is 13 reasons why a banned book?

Since it was published in 2007, “Thirteen Reasons Why” has been a target of censorship. A Colorado school district banned the novel, saying it glamorized suicide. Parents and school districts worried the series would promote “suicide contagion”; Netflix added more trigger warnings before episodes.

Is elite like Riverdale?

It's a teen drama, just like Riverdale, so naturally people will compare it. Similar tropes, similar beats, similar types of characters. I just finished watching all eight episodes and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Is Elite worth watching?

Netflix's Elite is a gripping teen drama that revolves around a murder mystery while tackling a range of topics like homophobia, drug use, classism, religion, and sexuality. The drama has captivating audiences across the streaming platform. Here's why the show is worth watching sooner rather than later.

Will elite have a Season 4?

Elitewill be coming back for another season of drama in a fancy Spanish high school. Netflix has picked up the series for season 4 around two months after season 3 launched on the streamer. The cast, including Miguel Bernardeau and Claudia Salas, announced the pickup via a video from their homes in quarantine.