What type of collar do you wear with a bow tie?

By: Roman SlyepkoUpdated: January 06, 2021


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The wing collar is designed specifically for a tuxedo shirt, and should be worn with a bow tie and tuxedo. Rather than collar points that face down, a wing collar's tips sit flat, resembling wings.

Keeping this in view, can you wear a bow tie with a normal collar?

Rule 2: If your shirt has a wing tip collar, always wear a bow tie. Rule 3: If your shirt has a spread collar, you can wear either a bow tie or a necktie—unless it has a bib. A: Only if you're wearing a bow tie, but they're not required. Make sure they work with your tuxedo shirt's placket.

Additionally, what kind of shirts go with bow ties?

Good collar options for formal outfits are cutaway, Windsor and spread, whilst button-down collars are perfect for smart-casual occasions. The wing collar shirt is the ideal choice for a black tie event.

How do you match a bow tie with a shirt?

Look at the color of the shirt you've chosen, then choose a solid color bow tie in one of these color pairings. Remember: Your shirt color should be lighter than your bow tie for the best contrast. The only exception to this rule is when you are wearing a solid dark shirt, like navy blue or black.

When should you not wear a bow tie?

When Not to Wear a Bow Tie
  1. If the occasion is necktie-appropriate, then it is bow tie appropriate.
  2. If a necktie is too dressy or too buttoned-up for an occasion, then a bow tie might also be insufficiently informal.


Do you have to wear a wing collar with a bow tie?

Wing collar shirts should only be worn for formal occasions. They should always be worn with a bow tie, never a tie. Never wear them to semi-formal events.

Can you wear a normal white shirt with a bow tie?

As with regular ties, formal bowties don't work with casual shirts, and vice-versa. Don't pair your ultra-thin chambray button-down with a stiff bowtie. Instead, opt for a crisp white or grey dress shirt.

Can you wear a bow tie with an oxford shirt?

This look is especially great during those spring/summer months. When it might be a bit too warm to wear a full on oxford. Your bow tie will spruce up your short sleeved shirt in a way that keeps you cool and casual, yet dapper at the same time.

Are bow ties in style?

At the beginning of the 20th century, bow ties transitioned more into a specific style choice because the traditional threefold necktie became more popular now. Even though they would be progressively less popular now, they still maintain their place in classic men's wardrobe in the first half of the 20th century.

What is the difference between a dress shirt and a tuxedo shirt?

A tuxedo shirt is quite simply a more elegant style of dress shirt that is meant to be worn with your most formal attire, such as (you guessed it), your tuxedo. Tuxedo shirts are designed to look streamlined with your tuxedo, and thus have a few functional differences compared to a traditional dress shirt.

Can you wear a bow tie with a polo?

You can pair a bow-tie with any button-up shirt or polo that buttons all the way up to the top (and if you don't believe a bow-tie can be worn with a polo shirt, prepare to be proved wrong in the next section).

Can you wear a bow tie with a short sleeve shirt?

Wearing a Bow Tie with a Short Sleeved Shirt
Ensure your shirt is nicely fitted, nothing too large. This look can be paired nicely with either a well-fitted pair of chinos or even shorts.

What is a cutaway collar?

A cutaway collar has wider collar points that are angled outwards instead of pointing down. It suits men with slim or long faces, or anyone who appreciates a modern twist to traditional attire. Team the cutaway collar with a full or half Windsor tie knot, among the easiest tie knots to master.

What do you wear with a bow tie?

Bow ties, in our opinion, should never be worn with anything other than a tuxedo – either a velvet jacket and some classic grosgrain trousers, a classic white-tie look (in which case you should only, rather obviously, wear a white tie) or, indeed, a classic black or midnight blue dress suit.

Do you have to wear a bow tie with a tux?

Yes, that is allowed. A tuxedo jacket differs from a regular jacket in terms of it's design details, occasion and formality. If you choose to pair it with a tie instead of a bow-tie make sure to keep it classic and solid. Nothing over-the-top works for a traditional attire like a Tux.

Are clip on bow ties acceptable?

Clip on bow ties are used extensively as part of a formal outfit. Most men don't know how to tie an appropriate knot for a formal bow tie, so the clip on works well and is accepted.

What color should my bow tie be?

Remember: Your shirt color should be lighter than your bow tie for the best contrast. The only exception to this rule is when you are wearing a solid dark shirt, like navy blue or black. For patterns and colors go to step F.

What does wearing a bow tie mean?

Bow ties are worn by magicians, country doctors, lawyers and professors and by people hoping to look like the above. But perhaps most of all, wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think.

Is a bow tie more formal than a tie?

No. It is simply an anachronistic alternative piece of neckwear equal to a necktie in terms of formality, which can vary as fabric. colour and pattern imparts the relative level of formality. Only in a formalwear setting - white or black tie - does a bow tie trump a necktie in formality.