What Tube line is Kensal Rise on?

By: Jeremy Ter LouwUpdated: December 12, 2020


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North London Line

Considering this, what zone is Kensal?

Kensal Green station
Kensal Green
DfT category E
Number of platforms 2
Fare zone 2
London Underground annual entry and exit

Subsequently, question is, what does Kensal mean?

Originally part of one of the 8 manors within the district of Willesden, Kensal Green is first mentioned in 1253, translating from old English meaning the King's Holt (King's Wood). Its location marked the boundary between Willesden and the then Chelsea & Paddington, on which it remains today.

Is Kensal Green a nice area?

Kensal Rise/Green is a great place for kids - lots to do in the local area. Also, has underground, overground and loads of buses all within a few minutes walk. As for schools, my DD goes to Kensal Rise Primary, much to the horror of some of my mum-friends in the area!, and absolutely loves it there.

Where does the Bakerloo line go?

The Bakerloo line (/ˌbe?k?rˈluː/) is a London Underground line that runs between Harrow & Wealdstone in suburban north-west London and Elephant & Castle in south London, via the West End. Coloured brown on the Tube map, it serves 25 stations, of which 15 are below ground, over 14.4 miles (23.2 km).


Is Willesden Green Safe?

Willesden Green is not the most salubriousrious of areas and would not be my first choice of where to stay in London. It's not the greatest area in London, but you shouldn't feel concerned for your safety. Just take the usual precautions of not flashing your phone or money around, etc.