What school does Breanna Yde go to?

By: Alexey MakhmutovUpdated: February 08, 2021


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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is Breanna Yde doing now?

Breanna Yde's latest project, Netflix's “Malibu Rescue”, is out now and she is currently working on her debut album with plans to release in 2020. Previously, Breanna starred as Frankie on “The Haunted Hathaways” (Nickelodeon).

Also Know, what shows are Breanna Yde in?

School of Rock
2016 – 2018
Malibu Rescue
Since 2019
The Haunted Hathaways
2013 – 2015

Who is Breanna Yde best friend?

Their actresses who play Summer and Tomika, Jade Pettyjohn and Breanna Yde, are best friends in real life. They met at the Bus Stop in 1st grade.

How old is Breanna Yde now?

17 years (June 11, 2003)


Does Jade Pettyjohn have a boyfriend?

“I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I would say my three best friends are Fiona Palomo, Isabella Acres, and my boyfriend, Finn Dayton.” 4. “My friends and I have this diner where we usually go very late at night to order breakfast.

What is Tomika's real name?

Breanna Yde
Born Breanna Nicole Yde June 11, 2003 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Citizenship United States Australia
Occupation Actress
Years active 2009–present

Who is Tomika boyfriend?

Portrayed by
Zack and Tomika is the friendship/romantic pairing between Zack Kwan and Tomika.

Can Breanna Yde play bass?

She knows how to play the ukulele, guitar, bass, piano and drums. She also sings. She credits her father's musical influence for her many talents.

How old is Ricardo Hurtado now?

20 years (August 22, 1999)

What is Jade Pettyjohn's middle name?

Jade Elizabeth Pettyjohn (born November 8, 2000) is an nineteen-year-old American actress and singer. She played Summer Hathaway in the Nickelodeon series, School of Rock.

How old is Tomika?


What nationality is Breanna Yde?


Who is Breanna Yde's mother?

Family Members
Father Bill Yde
Mother Justine Yde
Brother Bj Yde and William Yde

Does Breanna Yde have siblings?

Her last name is pronounced "EE-dee". She has three older brothers and two older sisters. Her father is Bill Yde, CEO of Global Traffic Network.

Is Breanna Yde Hispanic?

Her parents are happily married and she has two older sisters and three older brothers of which four are already adults. Her mother is half Filipino. Breanna Yde is a citizen of both Australia and the United States.

Who plays Gina from Malibu rescue?

Series Cast
Ricardo Hurtado Tyler 8 episodes, 2019
Jackie R. Jacobson Dylan 8 episodes, 2019
Abby Donnelly Lizzie McGrath 8 episodes, 2019
Alkoya Brunson Eric Mitchell 8 episodes, 2019
Breanna Yde Gina 8 episodes, 2019