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What nationality is Gasia Mikaelian?

By: Ibrahim AdamsUpdated: January 19, 2021


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    June 28, 2022
Gasia Mikaelian. Three questions I love answering are the also the ones I hear most often: how do you say your last name, what nationality are you, and what does your name mean? My last name is pronounced MEE-ky-ELL-yahn, I'm Armenian-American, and my first name means “cinnamon.”

Herein, who is the new weather girl on KTVU?

KTVU has hired another weather forecaster, Kyla Grogan; she formally debuted on the Wednesday 4 PM News which wouldn't be such a big deal until you realize, as I did through a number of Fox O and O sources here, that its supposed bigwig, KTVU's that is, Rosemary Orozco is ROYALLY PISSED OFF.

Also to know, how do I contact KTVU news?

Send us an email at [email protected] or call our 24/7 phone line directly into our newsroom at 510-874-0242. Send a tip to our 2 Investigates team at [email protected] or call their tip line at 510-874-0222. Not every story you see on KTVU Fox 2 will be found on our website.

What happened to Julie Haener KTVU?

KTVU's Julie Haener has been off the anchor desk for more than a month following surgery on her small intestine. Her recovery has not been easy, with a few setbacks along the way. Julie wants everyone to know how much she appreciates their well wishes and support.

Who is the highest paid anchor?

NBC's Matt Lauer is the highest-paid host in broadcast news, according to Variety. The "Today Show" host has an annual salary of $25 million per year. CNN's Anderson Cooper clocks in as the highest-paid anchor or host in cable news, earning $12 million.


Is KTVU part of Fox News?

KTVU has been a Fox affiliate since 1987, but has been owned by Cox Media for the past 51 years.

How much does Gasia Mikaelian make?

Gasia Mikaelian Salary And Net Worth
According to sources, her yearly salary was $250,000 in 2015 and 42 years old, Gasia's is working as a news reporter and an anchor for two decades.

How old is Frank Somerville?

62 years (March 19, 1958)

Who is Frank Somerville wife?

Donna Wright Somerville

What does KTVU stand for?

Oakland/San Jose/San Francisco, California United States
First air date March 3, 1958
Call sign meaning TeleVision for YoU
Sister station(s) KICU-TV
Former channel number(s) Analog: 2 (VHF, 1958–2009) Digital: 56 (UHF, 2000–2009) 44 (UHF, 2009–March 9, 2020)

Is Claudine Wong married?

Claudine Wong might have a wife or a husband. In the most cases they also have children.

What is gasia?

User Submitted Meanings. A submission from California, U.S. says the name Gasia means "Cinnamon" and is of Armenian origin.

Is Kyla Grogan still at KTVU?

Kyla Grogan. Meteorologist, Host, World Wanderer, Musical Theater Kid, Former @WeatherChannel. Currently filling in at @ktvu in the cities by The Bay.

How old is Amber Lee KTVU?

77-year-old woman fights for her life after Oakland hit-and-run.

How do I stream KTVU?

Simply download the KTVU news app to your mobile devices from the links below from the Apple iTunes store or at Google play. The link at the top of the app to the KTVU livestream will allow you to watch the KTVU Fox 2 newscasts on your phone or tablet.