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What level are Boxcar Children books?

By: Matthew StaffUpdated: January 02, 2021


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The Boxcar Children (The Boxcar Children Mysteries)
Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 2 - 5 Grades 1 - 5 3.9

Herein, what is the theme of The Boxcar Children?

"Family first" is the unofficial motto of The Boxcar Children—or, make that "most family first" since the Alden siblings are on the run from their evil grandfather. As the kids make their home in the boxcar, the siblings' love for one another is plain to see.

Also Know, how much Boxcar Children books are there?

The Boxcar Children is a children's book series originally created and written by the American first-grade school teacher Gertrude Chandler Warner. Today, the series includes well over 150 titles. The series is aimed at readers in grades 2–6.

Who are the characters in the Boxcar Children?

Benny Alden
Jessie Alden
Henry James Alden
James Henry Alden
Violet Alden

What reading level are Nancy Drew books?

The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew, Book 1)
Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 6 35317


How old is Jessie from the Boxcar Children?

In the first book of the series, THE BOXCAR CHILDREN, Henry (age 14), Jessie (12), Violet (10), and Benny (6) are orphaned and running away from a grandfather they have never met but think is cruel.

What happened to the boxcar children's parents?

Then springtime comes and, shortly after the visiting family leaves, the Alden parents die in an automobile accident, changing children's lives forever. Is It Fun? The story is a quick read and enjoyable up to the parents' death, which happens at the end of the book.

What reading level are the Hardy Boy books?

The main current series, The Hardy Boys Adventures, reading level is 8-12. The other current series, Hardy Boys Clue Books, reading level is 6-9 years old.

How many boxcar movies are there?

One of the best-selling children's book series of all time, The Boxcar Children series — which includes 150 different books — has sold over 70 million books world-wide. Aiming for a minimum of four feature-length movies over the first two years, Legacy Classics and Shout!

Is The Boxcar Children a mystery?

The Boxcar Children Mysteries. Generations of kids have enjoyed the adventures of Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden—The Boxcar Children®. Gertrude Chandler Warner wrote the first 19 stories, but there are now more than 150 titles in The Boxcar Children® Mysteries series.

What was Boxcar Children First?

Written by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Number Title Published
1 The Boxcar Children 1924 as Box-Car Children; reissued 1942
2 Surprise Island 1949
3 The Yellow House Mystery 1953
4 Mystery Ranch 1958

Is Boxcar Bonnie a real book?

Boxcar Bonnie is the fictional heroine of a series of young adult detective novels, Lucky's favorite books. Lucky's favorite book is Boxcar Bonnie and the Ghostly Goblet.

How many original Boxcar Children books are there?

The Boxcar Children Novels
The first nineteen books in the series were written by Gertrude Chandler Warner, the series's original author. Subsequent books were written by others after her death in 1979.