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What is Unfriended movie?

By: Annie OlayUpdated: February 24, 2021


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One night, while teenagers Blaire, Mitch, Jess, Adam Ken and Val take part in an online group chat session, they are suddenly joined by a user known only as "Billie227." Thinking it's just a technical glitch, the friends carry on their conversation until Blaire begins receiving messages from someone claiming to be Laura Barns, a classmate who killed herself exactly one year prior. As Blaire tries to expose Billie's identity, her friends are forced to confront their darkest secrets and lies.

People also ask, is the movie Unfriended on Netflix?

Home media and streaming
Unfriended was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 11, 2015. It received a Netflix release in May 2017.

Also to know, who is the killer in Unfriended?

Blaire Lily (February 22, 1997 - 2014?) was the main protagonist of the film Unfriended. All of the events of the film are shown through Blaire's Macintosh laptop. She and her friends are responsible for the suicide of Laura Barns, who was her childhood friend, with herself being the primary culprit.

Is Unfriended dark web possible?

Unfriended: Dark Web's writer and director Stephen Susco has revealed that the deaths and murders in his horror film are all actually inspired by real events. This provoked me to ask Susco just how much of the “Dark Web” was actually based on real events, and his answer was truly terrifying.

Who all dies in Unfriended?

  • Laura Barns - Shot herself in the face.
  • Val Rommel - Forced to drink bleach by Laura.
  • Ken Smith - Hand and neck ground in blender blades by Laura.
  • Adam Sewell - Forced to shoot himself by Laura.
  • Jess Felton - Hot curling iron shoved down throat by Laura.
  • Mitch Roussel - Forced to stab himself in the eye by Laura.


How did Ken die in Unfriended?

However the 911 operator turns out to be the intruder and re-enters the chat, revealing a camera view from the other side of Ken's room. He approaches the camera source and his Skype is briefly cut before it shows him killing himself with a blender.

How did Laura Barns die?

Laura Barns. Laura Barns (January 4, 1996 - April 12, 2013) is the main antagonist of the film Unfriended. She was a high school student who committed suicide by shooting herself in the head on April 12, 2013, after an embarrassing video was posted online by her friends.

Does Amaya die in Unfriended?

After this realization, Amaya is taken to a warehouse and is captured by the human trafficker. Her fate is never revealed, but we can assume she'll be tortured and killed for the group's amusement. Damon is then killed in his apartment and has his death framed as a suicide by one of the organization's members.

Who plays Damon in Unfriended dark web?

Complete credited cast:
Colin Woodell Matias
Betty Gabriel Nari
Rebecca Rittenhouse Serena
Andrew Lees Damon

How scary is Unfriended?

How scary is Unfriended? - Quora. Very strong threat and menace, strong psychological horror. The entire film follows the mature themes of cyberbullying, suicide, and betrayal. The fact that it takes place entirely on a computer screen makes the film more realistic and gritty.

Who is the bad guy in Unfriended?

Type of Villain
Billie227 (real name: Laura Barns) (January 4, 1996 – April 12, 2013) is the main antagonist of the 2015 horror film Unfriended.

What happens in Unfriended dark web?

Unfriended: Dark Web is one of the few films where that cliché doesn't ring true, but only because everyone was going to get killed no matter what. So Matias's decision to leave his apartment to get his girlfriend — effectively splitting up with his friend Damon — ends up, as we all could have predicted, poorly.

How did they make Unfriended?

'Unfriended' Was Filmed By Shooting the Entire Movie in One Take. During the WonderCon panel, writer Nelson Greaves revealed that at the beginning of production, they were already shooting the movie in long takes. Each was around 10 minutes at a time.

Do you have to see the first Unfriended?

But while you don't need to have seenUnfriended” to appreciate and get caught up in “Dark Web,” Susco was still intent on tapping into the “magic” of the original. “'Unfriended' had this real magic to it. Not just because of the experimental nature of the narrative and the unfamiliar aspect of that.”

Where can u watch Unfriended?

Watch Unfriended Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Unfriended Dark Web on Hulu?

Watch Unfriended: Dark Web Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Unfriended on Amazon Prime? Watch Unfriended | Prime Video.

Does Netflix have friend request?

'Friend Request' On Netflix Is The Scariest, Silliest Social Media Horror Movie of Our Times. To that list, let's please add Simon Verhoeven's–yes, Paul is his dad– 2016 horror film Friend Request, now out on Netflix.

Who is the girl at the end of Unfriended?

Laura (the ghost) is a best friend of Blaire. Since beginning it's kept suspense who uploaded the video which lead to Laura's suicide. Laura became ghost and started killing the group of friends who are directly and indirectly responsible for Laura's suicide.

Does Blaire Lily die in Unfriended?

Blaire Lily, the villainous main protagonist of the film. She was most likely killed by Laura Barns at the end of Unfriended, however, as her corpse is never shown or seen (her suicide video was seen at the beginning of the movie, but still it's unclear did she die or not), it is unknown if she survived or not.