What is U of M Dearborn known for?

By: Michael KaesyUpdated: March 30, 2021


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The most popular majors at University of Michigan--Dearborn include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Engineering; Psychology; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; and Social Sciences. The average freshman retention rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, is 80 percent.

Consequently, what is the difference between University of Michigan Ann Arbor and Dearborn?

UM-Ann Arbor is, primarily, a traditional, residential college. That is, students live on or near campus and are typically, full-time students. UM-Dearborn (and UM-Flint) have higher numbers of commuter and/or part-time students.

Beside above, is University of Michigan Flint a good school?

Within Michigan, University of Michigan - Flint is Considered an Average Quality College at a Good Price. University of Michigan - Flint's overall average net price combined with an average quality education, results in a good value for the money when compared to other colleges and universities in Michigan.

Can you transfer from U of M Dearborn to Ann Arbor?

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan welcomes transfer applicants from community colleges, two- and four-year colleges, and universities. U-M-Dearborn and U-M-Flint students are considered new transfer students. More than 1200 transfer students enter the University of Michigan each year.

What GPA do you need to get into U of M?

Estimated GPA Requirements & Average GPA
You will need exceptionally good grades to get into University of Michigan. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at University of Michigan was 3.82 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily A- students are accepted and ultimately attend.


Is the University of Michigan prestigious?

According to academic peer reviews of universities, Michigan is generally considered among the top 15 US universities at the undergraduate level, and among the top 10 at the graduate level. Michigan is even more prestigious at the graduate level. In corporate America, Michigan is considered as prestigious.

What SAT score is required for U of M Dearborn?

University of Michigan - Dearborn SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)
Section Average 75th Percentile
Math 600 650
Reading + Writing 591 640
Composite 1191 1290

Is U of M Dearborn Community College?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The University of MichiganDearborn (U of M Dearborn, UMDearborn, or UMD) is a public university in Dearborn, Michigan. It is one of the two regional campuses of the University of Michigan operating under the policies of the Board of Regents.

How big is the University of Michigan?

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor is a public institution that was founded in 1817. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 30,318, its setting is city, and the campus size is 3,207 acres. It utilizes a trimester-based academic calendar.

Does U of M Dearborn have a nursing program?

Developed and continually honed by the most relevant thought leaders in nursing for more than 127 years, the U-M School of Nursing's BSN program aims to develop more than the most highly skilled nurses in the world—we develop complex problem solvers who can ?ourish in any clinical environment.

What division is U of M Dearborn?

UM-Dearborn is a member of the National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Eight of our nine varsity teams compete in the Division II Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference against our regional rivals like Concordia, Aquinas and Northwestern Ohio.

How much is U of M Dearborn tuition?

Local tuition 12,930 USD, Domestic tuition 25,158 USD (2018 – 19)

Does U of M Flint degree say Flint?

The diploma says University of Michigan at the top but also says the graduation city as Flint, MI. Kids who graduated from UM-F say they graduated from the University of Michigan and leave the Flint part out.

Is University of Michigan Flint the same as Ann Arbor?

U-M response:
UM-Flint and UM-Dearborn are distinctively different types of campuses from UM-Ann Arbor and, as such, operate in different markets for faculty. UM-Ann Arbor has a Carnegie designation as a “very high research activity” doctoral institution. UM-Flint is classified as a doctoral/professional university.

What are the admission requirements for the University of Michigan?

Standard Program Admission Requirements
  • *2.7 high school GPA, 920 SAT/17 ACT score.
  • High school diploma or minimum ***GED score of 170.

How many students are at University of Michigan Flint?


How many credits do you need to transfer to U of M?

In general, transfer applicants must have completed (or be completing) at least 26 semester credits at the time of application.