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What is the role of the solicitor general in Ontario?

By: James HaslamUpdated: December 14, 2020


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Ministry of the Solicitor General. Ensuring Ontario's communities are supported and protected by law enforcement, and that public safety and correctional systems are safe, effective, efficient and accountable.

Also asked, what does the Solicitor General do in Canada?

Federally the office of the solicitor general is separate and distinct from other Cabinet portfolios. Generally speaking, a provincial solicitor general is responsible for matters relating to POLICING in the province, corrections, motor vehicles and liquor licensing.

Subsequently, question is, who is the current US Solicitor General?

Michael Ellis was appointed Solicitor General on 26 July 2019. He was previously Minister of State at the Department for Transport from 23 May 2019 to 25 July 2019. He was Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport from January 2018 to May 2019.

What is the role of the US solicitor general?

The United States Solicitor General represents the federal government of the United States before the Supreme Court of the United States. The Solicitor General determines the legal position that the United States will take in the Supreme Court.

What is the Ontario Correctional Institute?

The Ontario Correctional Institute is a 220-bed correctional treatment centre with a mandate to provide treatment to provincial male offenders in the areas of general criminality, sexual offending, substance abuse, and anger management. The primary goal of correctional treatment at OCI is to reduce re-offending.


Does the attorney general need to be a lawyer Canada?

We certainly do not have a monopoly on good ideas for the justice system. We also need an attorney-general who is the legal adviser to government. This person does need to be a lawyer, but she does not necessarily need to be in cabinet. The attorney-general oversees prosecutions and provides legal advice.

What is solgen?

The Office of the Solicitor General of the Philippines (Filipino: Tanggapan ng Taga-usig Panlahat), formerly known as the Bureau of Justice, is an independent and autonomous office attached to the Department of Justice. The Office of the Solicitor General is the "law firm" of the Republic of the Philippines.

How do you become a parole officer in Ontario?

In Ontario, candidates seeking positions as probation and parole officers are required to have an accredited bachelor's degree and over five years of experience in a relevant role. New hires must also complete specific training at the Ontario Correctional Services College.

Does Canada have a Justice Department?

The Department of Justice (French: Ministère de la Justice) is a department of the Government of Canada that represents the Canadian government in legal matters. The Department of Justice works to ensure that Canada's justice system is as fair, accessible and efficient as possible.

What does the attorney general handle?

As head of the Department of Justice and chief legal counsel to the president, the duties of the attorney general are obviously important and wide reaching. The attorney general prosecutes cases that involve the government and gives advice to the president and heads of the executive departments when needed.

Why was the attorney general created?

It was created by the Judiciary Act of 1789, which organized the administration of the judicial branch of the nation's new government, though the Attorney General is part of the executive branch. The Attorney General's main purpose is to supervise the Department of Justice, which includes: The FBI.

What's the difference between a lawyer and solicitor?

Lawyer is anyone who could give legal advice. So, this term englobes Solicitors, Barristers, and legal executives. Solicitor is a lawyer who gives legal advice and represent the clients in the courts. Barrister is a lawyer who is specialized in representing clients in the Courts.

Why is the Solicitor General important?

The Solicitor General represents the United States in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, unless the Attorney General wants to. Because of the Supreme Court's respect for the Solicitor General and what the office represents, the Supreme Court usually decides to hear cases brought by the Solicitor General.

What is the difference between the attorney general and the solicitor general?

For example, at the federal level, the Attorney General oversees all Department of Justice activities and is considered the chief law enforcement officer. The Solicitor General oversees lawsuits, specially appellate lawsuits concerning the government.

How is the Solicitor General appointed?

The Solicitor General is appointed by the President and must be confirmed by the Senate. It is the only position in the entire federal bureaucracy, including the job of Supreme Court Justice, for which there is a statutory requirement that the appointee must be “learned in the law.”

What is mean by Solicitor General?

noun, plural solicitors general.
a law officer who maintains the rights of the state in suits affecting the public interest, next in rank to the attorney general. (initial capital letters) the law officer of the U.S. government next below the Attorney General, having charge of appeals, as to the Supreme Court.

What is the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General departmental mission statement?

The Alberta Justice and Solicitor General is responsible for leading Alberta's justice system. Their mission is to ensure fair and effective policing and to support victims of crime.

What is a deputy solicitor general?

Her Majesty's Solicitor General for England and Wales, known informally as the Solicitor General, is one of the law officers of the Crown in the government of the United Kingdom. They are the deputy of the Attorney General, whose duty is to advise the Crown and Cabinet on the law.

Who is the current solicitor general of the Philippines?

List of Solicitors General
Name Position Term of Office
Francis H. Jardeleza Solicitor General February 6, 2012-August 19, 2014
Florin T. Hilbay Acting Solicitor General August 20, 2014-June 18, 2015
Solicitor General June 19, 2015-June 30, 2016
Jose Calida Solicitor General June 30, 2016-present

Why is the solicitor general considered the 10th justice?

The solicitor general is employed by the Justice Department and often referred to to as the "10th justice," because they have the dual responsibility of serving the executive branch as a key advocate and helping the court as a kind of counselor develop the law that reflects the country's long-term interests.

What can a solicitor do?

Solicitors act on behalf of and give legal advice to private and commercial clients. Once qualified, solicitors often specialise in one legal area such as family, litigation, property or tax. Solicitors working in commercial law firms advise large corporate clients on transactions or cases.

Why is the Solicitor General important to the Supreme Court?

First and foremost, the Solicitor General serves the dual roles of advocate for the government and an officer of the Supreme Court. In this gatekeeper role, the Court will sometimes ask what the Solicitor General thinks about an issue of federal law in a case in which the government is not a party.