What is the population of Graciosa Azores?

By: Sina TiUpdated: February 07, 2021


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The ovular Portuguese island has an area of 60.65 square kilometres (23.42 square miles), a length of 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) and a width of 7 kilometres (4.3 miles).

Native name: Ilha Graciosa Nickname: Ilha Branca
Autonomous Region Azores
Demonym Graciosense
Population 4391 (2011)

Accordingly, what's the population of the Azores?

245 766 inhabitants

Similarly, where are the Azores?

About Azores. The Azores Islands are a Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, located about 1,500 km (930 mi) from Lisbon and about 3,900 km (2,400 mi) from the east coast of North America.

Where is Corvo?

Volcanic in origin, Corvo is the smallest island in the Azores, with an area of 7 square miles (17.5 Km2) and 400 inhabitants. Corvo is the smallest municipality in the archipelago of the Azores constituting the island in its entirety. The municipal center is at Vila do Corvo.

Is Azores expensive?

They are expensive to get to, expensive to live on, and generally expensive to visit. Without any direct access to a continent, even the most basic supplies are imported and are priced accordingly. Despite their remote location and a currency of the historically strong Euro, the Azores are gleefully affordable.


What is Azores famous for?

Home to about 250,000 people, the Azores are known for their vibrantly-colored blue green lakes, fertile prairies, volcanic craters, colorful hydrangeas, 15th century churches, and majestic manor houses.

What is the best island to visit in the Azores?

Sao Miguel is also the Azores Island with the most beaches. If you have less than a week, São Miguel is the best Azores island for you. It has the most direct flights, there's plenty to do, and you won't waste time traveling between islands (or risk an inter-island cancelled flight, which happens often!).

What is the best month to visit the Azores?

The best time to go to the Azores is from June to September. Indeed, even though temperatures are pleasant all year round, it is quite rainy from October to April.

Is Azores safe?

I live in Azores (São Miguel). You can walk around night and day and feel completely safe! It's not even close like in the Caribbean. You can be sure you will not have people trying to sell you stuff.

Is the Azores poor?

Even so, Azoreans are in a struggle. With a per capita gross national product of $1,286 in 1985, they rank among the poorest people in Europe, trailing Portugal, with $2,160, and Greece, with $3,280. About 28% of islanders work the land. Portugal's entry into the EEC in 1986 brought a new source of money.

What airlines fly to Azores?

The only airlines flying directly to Azores from United States are Azores Airlines and TAP Portugal. You can fly directly via Boston. The U.S. routes target not only tourists, but also the strong azorean community living in these countries.

Do people live on Azores?

While Madeira is much more south and closer to Africa, the Azores lives quietly in the middle of the ocean, which is one of the reasons why it is so attractive for both tourists and Portuguese people. Ponta Delgada on São Miguel Island, the capital of the Azores, Portugal.

What race are Azoreans?

The Portuguese then started to bring people from mainland Portugal to inhabit the islands, and with time even French and Flemish settlers moved there, too. So yes, Azoreans mostly share their ancestry with mainland Portuguese because their own ancestors were mainland Portuguese.

Is Madeira part of the Azores?

If you plan on going now, choose Madeira. Madeira is an archipelago of 2 islands, a thousand kms to the southwest of Lisbon, the most important of the islands is called Madeira itself. The Azores is an archipelago of 9 islands between 1200 and 1600 kms to the west of Lisbon.

What does Azores mean?

Noun. 1. Azores - islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal; "the Azores are strategically located on transatlantic air and shipping routes" Acores.

How do I get from Lisbon to the Azores?

If you are coming to the Azores from Lisbon, you can get direct flights to Horta, Terceira, and Santa Maria as well as to Ponta Delgada. In the off-season, check Azores Airlines for the latest information, as these departures change frequently.

What countries are in the Azores?

Azores. The Azores are a Portuguese archipelago of nine islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 1,450 km west of Lisbon. It is an autonomous region of Portugal, and an ultraperipheral region of the European Union.

What is the weather like in Azores?

Expect moderate temperatures in summer months – rarely surpassing 30°C/86°F – and rarely dropping below 7°C/45°F during winter time. The yearly average temperature is a comfortable 17ºC/63ºF. But the humidity can be considerably high (average of 70-80%) in Azores, so it can feel like a lot hotter!

How do you fly to the Azores?

The only airlines flying directly to Azores from United States are Azores Airlines and TAP Portugal. You can fly directly via Boston. The U.S. routes target not only tourists, but also the strong azorean community living in these countries.

Do they speak English in the Azores?

Talk. The official language in Azores is Portuguese. Otherwise, most people involved with tourism speak at least enough English to communicate with English-speaking tourists.