What is the movie the cold light of day about?

By: Craig RobbinsUpdated: January 30, 2021


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    August 09, 2022
Young business consultant Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) flies to Spain for a vacation aboard his family's sailboat. When Will returns from some on-shore shopping, his family is gone and will be killed if he does not deliver a missing briefcase within 24 hours. As it turns out, his father (Bruce Willis) is not a cultural attache but a spy, and Will is in over his head. He must find a way to turn the tables on his enemies, or he and his family will all die.

Also asked, what does cold light of day mean?

If you think about something in the cold light of day, you think about it clearly and calmly, without the emotions you had at the time it happened, and you often feel sorry or ashamed about it: The next morning, in the cold light of day, Sarah realized what a complete idiot she had been.

Also to know, where was the cold light of day filmed?


Is the cold light of day on Netflix?

The Cold Light Of Day. When his family falls prey to kidnappers while on holiday in Spain, Wall Street whiz kid Will Shaw frantically sets out to get them back. The cast of this action-filled espionage thriller includes Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver and Henry Cavill.

Can a source of light be cold?

cold sources of light are those that do not require heat in order to product light. ex , LEDs, fluorescent lights, fireflies, some algae.


What does face like thunder mean?

Definition of a face like thunder
: a face that looks very angry He burst into the room with a face like thunder.

What does the idiom have a face like thunder?

have a face like thunder. This idiom is used to describe a person who is angry or upset about something.

What does the idiom a feather in my cap mean?

feather in one's cap. phrase [usually verb-link PHRASE] If you describe something that someone has achieved as a feather in their cap, you mean that they can be proud of it or that it might bring them some advantage.

What does it mean to weather the storm?

Survive difficulties, as in If she can just weather the storm of that contract violation, she'll be fine. This expression alludes to a ship coming safely through bad weather. [

Which way the wind blows idiom meaning?

If a person tries to discover which way the wind blows/is blowing, they try to discover information about a situation, especially other people's opinions, before they take action: I think I'll see which way the wind is blowing before I vote at the board meeting.

What's the meaning of down in the dumps?

In a gloomy or depressed mood: “After losing the student election, Jack really felt down in the dumps.”

What does the phrase to burn the midnight oil mean?

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Burning the midnight oil'?
To 'burn the midnight oil' is to work late into the night. Originally this was by the light of an oil lamp or candle. More recently, the phrase is used figuratively, alluding back its use before electric lighting.