What is the meaning of Purba?

By: Joey StarkUpdated: February 24, 2021


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Name Purba or (no variations) means East. Person born with name Purba are with great bliss. People having this number are peaceful and pleasure loving.

Hereof, who is the DM of Purba Medinipur?

Districts and Local Govt
Name of District Name E-Mail
Paschim Bardhaman Shri Purnendu Kr. Maji, WBCS(Exe) [email protected]
Purba Bardhaman Shri Vijay Bharti [email protected]
Paschim Medinipur Dr. (Smt.) Rashmi Kamal [email protected]
Purba Medinipur Shri Partha Ghosh [email protected]

Secondly, who is the SDO of Purba bardhaman?

Office of the Sub divisional officer,kalna,Purba B SDO Kalna,Purba Bardhaman, Notice for qualified ca

How many Municipality are there in Purba bardhaman?

The cities, towns and locations in Bardhaman district, a former district in West Bengal, India, are divided among six subdivisions, which contain 2 municipal corporations, 9 municipalities and 31 community development blocks.

How can I become a DM?

For becoming a District Magistrate, you have to write IAS exam and secure a rank within 100. Once you clear UPSC civil service exam with a top rank, you will become an officer of Indian Administrative services (IAS). IAS officer after one or two promotions become DM of a district.


What is the name of DM?

district magistrate

How many villages are there in Purba Medinipur?

C.D.Block-wise List
Sl No C.D.Block Total Villages
13 Mahisadal 76
14 Moyna 86
15 Nanda Kumar 99
16 Nandigram - I 99

Why is medinipur famous?

Midnapore is famous for its contribution in the history of Indian freedom movement since it has produced a seemingly endless list of martyrs. During the British Raj the town became a centre of revolutionary activities starting from the Santal Revolt (1766-1767) and the Chuar Revolt (1799).

Who is Howrah district magistrate?

Government of West Bengal
Smt. Mukta Arya, IAS
District Magistrate
DM's Confidential Section
Shri Dhaval Jain, IAS Shri Soumyajit Debnath,WBCS (Exe) Shri Dibyendu Bhattacharyya, WBCS (Exe)
Addl. District Magistrate (General) Addl. District Magistrate (Development) Addl. District Magistrate (Land Reforms)

Who is DM of Kolkata?

District Magistrate : Dr. P Ulaganathan, IAS
The District Magistrate is assisted by a group of Five Additional District Magistrates (ADM) viz.

How can I become SDM in West Bengal?

There are three ways to become SDM (sub divisional magistrate) officer.
  1. Through CIVIL server examination. After completing the training for IAS, the candidates are initially appointed as SDM(Sub divisional Magistrate) in the appointed state.
  2. Through State PSC exam.
  3. Through promotion from Tehsildarr post.

Who is the collector of West Bengal?

Government of West Bengal
Smt. Mukta Arya, IAS
District Magistrate
Phone: 033-2641-4721 Fax: 033-2638-4913 E-Mail: admghowrah[at]gmail[dot]com Phone: 033-2638-3529 Fax: 033-2638-0756 E-Mail: admdcon[dot]how[at]gmail[dot]com, admd[dot]howrah[at]gmail[dot]com

How many districts are there in West Bengal in 2020?

West Bengal is now divided into 23 districts which includes the newly formed Jhargram district, Alipurduar district and the Kalimpong district, Paschim Bardhaman district under five divisions and divisions are administered by Divisional Commissioners.

How many blocks are in Purba bardhaman?

Bardhaman Sadar North subdivision consists of two municipalities at Bardhaman and Guskara and seven CD blocks: Ausgram I, Ausgram II, Bhatar, Burdwan I, Burdwan II, Galsi I and Galsi II.

How many blocks are there in Burdwan district?

Blocks in Barddhaman District, West Bengal
# Block District
20 Pandabeswar Barddhaman
21 Burdwan - II Barddhaman
22 Raina - II Barddhaman
23 Ausgram - II Barddhaman