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What is the ketchup song talking about?

By: Aaron TempleUpdated: January 15, 2021


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    August 09, 2022
Content. "The Ketchup Song" is about a man named Diego who enters a nightclub. The DJ, a friend of Diego's, plays Diego's favorite song, "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang, and Diego dances and sings along to the song, imitating its chorus with Spanish gibberish.

Similarly, are Las Ketchup sisters?

Las Ketchup was made up of the four Muñoz sisters: Lucía, Lola, Pilar and Rocío (who joined later), the daughters of Spanish flamenco guitarist El Tomate (there's a theme here). They achieved worldwide fame with their 2002 hit The Ketchup Song, which sold over seven million copies.

Also, what happened to Las Ketchup?

The girl group returned from their long hiatus
Las Ketchup had one of the biggest hits in the world in the summer of 2003. Three years later the girl group represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with the song “Un Blodymary”. They finished only 21st out of 24 and the group went on a long hiatus.

Why is the ketchup song called The Ketchup Song?

The girls' father is a flamenco guitarist nicknamed “El Tomate”. The group name “Las Ketchup” is a reference to that, and their first album was called “Hijas del Tomate” (daughters of the tomato). And the song “Aserejé” was just called the Ketchup Song because of commercial reasons, as far as I know.

What does asereje mean in Spanish?

And while many of us don't speak the Spanish language to even understand ALL of the song's lyrics, you may have experienced Googling the word “Asereje” at one point just to see what it means, only to come up with… According to this Spanish Twitter thread, THIS is what the song's chorus means all along.


Why is asereje a bad song?

The song was released on 10 June 2002, and became an international hit later that year. However, after its release, the song became controversial due to conspiracy theories that the lyrics were cryptic references to Satanism, the devil, Hell, and a whole smorgasbord of other excitingly evil things.

Where is Las Ketchup from?

Córdoba, Spain

What language is ketchup from?

It turns out ketchup's origins are anything but American. Ketchup comes from the Hokkien Chinese word, kê-tsiap, the name of a sauce derived from fermented fish. It is believed that traders brought fish sauce from Vietnam to southeastern China.

Who wrote The Ketchup Song?

Manuel Ruiz Queco

What year did asereje come out?


What does the song Macarena mean?

"Macarena" (Spanish pronunciation: [makaˈ?ena]) is a Spanish dance song by Los del Río about a woman of the same name. The song got the group ranked the "#1 Greatest One-Hit Wonder of All Time" by VH1 in 2002. The song uses a type of clave rhythm.

Is The Ketchup Song demonic?

The song tells the story of a pimp-like gypsy (afrogitano) with mystical qualities. Just after its release, the song became controversial because of conspiracy theories that it had cryptic references to Satanism, the devil and Hell. The song's dance routine was a novelty in the early 2000s.