What is the fastest car in GTA 5 Online 2020?

By: Dylan GarrodUpdated: April 29, 2021


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GTA Online: Top 50 Fastest Cars List (Ranked by Top Speed)
  1. Ocelot Pariah. Top Speed: 136.00 mph (218.87 km/h) Sports - Price: $1,420,000.
  2. Pfister 811. Top Speed: 132.50 mph (213.24 km/h) Super - Price: $1,135,000.
  3. Principe Deveste Eight.
  4. Bravado Banshee 900R.
  5. Overflod Entity XXR.
  6. Grotti Itali GTO.
  7. Pegassi Toros.
  8. Grotti X80 Proto.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the fastest electric car in GTA 5?

always gonna be beaten by their standard engine counterparts there's always going to be a petrol engine car that is going to be quicker than it and we're going to obviously see the comparison at the end between the tesseract which is the quickest electric car in the game and the Vagner which is the quickest.

Similarly, what is the best racing car in GTA 5?

This list has grown significantly since this article has been posted, which strongly shows the evolution of the Super Car racing class in GTA V.
  • Best GTA V Super Car – Dewbauchee Vagner.
  • Best GTA V Super Car – Annis RE-7B.
  • Best GTA V Super Car – Ocelot XA-21.
  • Best GTA V Super Car – Pegassi Tempesta.

What cars are worth buying in GTA 5 Online?

Vehicles With The Best Value for Money In GTA Online
  1. Annis Elegy RH8. Based on Nissan GT-R (R35) and a hint of an Infinti G37.
  2. Grotti Brioso R/A. Based on the Abarth 500 and slightly on a Mini.
  3. Pegassi Bati 801/801RR.
  4. Vapid Dominator.
  5. Karin Kuruma Armored.
  6. Vapid Contender.
  7. Pegassi Zentorno.
  8. Benefactor Schafter V12.

What is the fastest GTA online car?

Lap times of the fastest GTA Online cars
  • 5th: Principe Deveste Eight (1:00.261)
  • 4th: Overflod Autarch—0:59.960.
  • 3rd: Ocelot XA-21—0:59.927.
  • 2nd: Annis RE-7B—0:59.727.
  • 1st: Dewbauchee Vagner—0:59.194.
  • 5th: Överflöd Entity XXR (128 mph)
  • 4th: Bravado Banshee 900R (131.0 mph)
  • 3rd: Principe Deveste Eight (131.8 mph)


What is the best GTA online car?

The Best Car In GTA Online
At the time of writing, the best racing vehicle in GTA Online is the Dewbauchee Vagner. Being a good driver is key, but if you're bringing this vehicle to a race, your chances have shot up by default.

What is the best GTA car?

Fastest Lap Time
  • 6th: Pegassi Zentorno - 1:00.960.
  • 5th: Pegassi Tempesta - 1:00.803.
  • 4th: Overflod Autarch - 0:59.960.
  • 3rd: Ocelot XA-21 - 0:59.927.
  • 2nd: Annis RE-7B - 0:59.727.
  • 1st: Dewbauchee Vagner - 0:59.194.
  • 6th: Dewbauchee Vagner - 126.75 mph.
  • 5th: Progen Itali GTB Custom - 127 mph.

What car has the highest top speed in GTA 5 Online?

GTA 5 ONLINE : NERO VS NERO CUSTOM (WHICH IS FASTEST CAR ?) I'm actually a little disappointed in this one. The Nero Custom — another creation of Benny's Custom — is based on the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept, a car that produces in excess of 1,500 horsepower and carries a top speed of 278 mph.

What is the fastest plane in GTA 5?

Here are the 10 fastest planes in GTA V, ranked.

  1. 1 JoBuilt P-996 LAZER.
  2. 2 B-11 Strikeforce.
  3. 3 Western Company Rogue.
  4. 4 Western Company Seabreeze.
  5. 5 V-65 Molotok.
  6. 6 P-45 Nokota.
  7. 7 Buckingham Pyro.
  8. 8 Buckingham Nimbus.

Can you give cars in GTA 5 Online?

1. Both of you(and friend who is giving his car to you) needs a garage. 2.go to his garage and pick the car you want and get in as a passenger. Bring the car back to your garage and bring the cell phone up and go to "job list".

What is the pariah in real life?

The design of the Pariah is based on a Ferrari 812 Superfast/Aston Martin V12 Zagato.

What business makes the most money in GTA Online?

Tip: Cocaine production is the most profitable (on par with the gunrunning bunker), with the cheapest cocaine business costing $975k to buy, although sell missions often take longer to complete. Buying supplies is more time effective.

What is the fastest car?

World's Fastest Cars
  • Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+: 304 mph.
  • Hennessey Venom F5: 301 mph*
  • SSC Tuatara: 300+ mph*
  • Koenigsegg Agera RS: 278 mph.
  • Hennessey Venom GT: 270 mph.
  • Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: 268 mph.

Is the r88 the fastest car in GTA?

Ocelot R88 Top Speed (177 MPH) | 2nd Fastest Car in GTA Online | Open Wheel Race Series.

What is the slowest car in GTA 5?

Slowest Cars In Grand Theft Auto V, Ranked
  1. 1 Tractor. This industrial vehicle is certainly the slowest option on the game, resembling the early 1900s style of a tractor, Grand Theft Auto V decided to have this vehicle resemble the classic Fordson Model F.
  2. 2 Fieldmaster.
  3. 3 Bulldozer.
  4. 4 Lawnmower.
  5. 5 Dock Handler.
  6. 6 Tow Truck.
  7. 7 Dump Truck.
  8. 8 The Rhino.

What is the best weaponized vehicle in GTA 5?

For heists and other missions, the tampa and insurgent custom are good because they provide some protection from aimbot ai while still being able to shoot. In freemode, the meta is Deluxos and Oppressors for good reason, but the Stromberg is a good counter to these 2 vehicles.

What is the Tesla in GTA 5?

The Tesla-Inspired Coil Cyclone – How Much Is It? The new electric supercar in GTA Online is called the Coil Cyclone. There have been other electric cars from Coil, including the Voltic and the Rocket Voltic, but so far there hasn't been an electric vehicle in the supercar category.

Are there electric cars in GTA 5?

Airtug - A baggage tug / tractor / hauler; No specific name. Caddy - An electric golf cart; No specific name. Karin Dilettante - Toyota Prius Hybrid. Cheval Surge - Chevrolet Volt.

What car is the Hijak Khamelion in real life?

The Hijak Khamelion is a grand tourer style car whose design is unique. The car is mainly based on the Fisker Sunset or Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in the overall shape such as the sides. It features elements from the Jaguar C-X16 Concept such as the front quarter panel and lower side body styling.