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What is the current edition of Shadowrun?

By: Tim AnderssonUpdated: April 06, 2021


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    May 17, 2022
A Sixth Edition, titled as Shadowrun, Sixth World, was announced on 1 May 2019 to coincide with the game's 30th anniversary, along with a new website at shadowrunsixthworld.com. The game was released to the public on 26 August 2019.

Regarding this, which edition of Shadowrun is best?

Shadowrun (2nd Edition) is my favorite edition. I've played 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. In 2nd edition Deckers and Riggers had very different skills and abilities - later editions tended to blur the line between those professions. Combat is very deadly - whoever shoots first is likely to live, if you are too slow, you will die.

Secondly, what year is Shadowrun 5th Edition set in?


Is Cyberpunk 2077 based on Shadowrun?

Based on the pen-and-paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020, in a nutshell, Cyberpunk 2077 is Shadowrun but without all the magic and elves and dragons and assorted weirdness.

What order should I play Shadowrun?

  1. Shadowrun (1993)
  2. Shadowrun (1994)
  3. Shadowrun (1996)
  4. Shadowrun (2007)
  5. Shadowrun Returns.
  6. Shadowrun: Dragonfall.
  7. Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown.
  8. Shadowrun: Hong Kong.


What is shadowrun anarchy?

Shadowrun: Anarchy is a new way to get into the best cyberpunk/urban fantasy action around. Based upon the rules-light and easy-to-learn Cue System, Shadowrun: Anarchy is a narrative-focused game experience that has everything you need to quickly grab some gear, load up on spells, and get to throwing the dice.

What Dice does Shadowrun use?

Shadowrun Dice. Shadowrun dice sets can use any 12d6 dice set -OR- 36d6 dice set. In the world of Shadowrun you'll be rolling more dice than most RPG games -- though happily all of those dice are going to be six-sided dice.

Are the Shadowrun games good?

its story is good, but overall it feels like a proof of concept rather than a fully fleshed out game. Hongkong further improves the gameplay and mechanics, but imo kinda goes back on the story and characters.

What genre is Shadowrun?

Role-playing game

Is shadowrun Dragonfall a sequel?

Developer Harebrained Schemes followed that up with Shadowrun: Dragonfall, a sequel that improved on the original in a number of ways, and this week the studio launched a second Kickstarter campaign to fund the third game in the series, set in a futuristic Hong Kong.

What is cyberpunk red?

Cyberpunk Red is a dark futuristic roleplaying game set sometime between an alternative 2020 and 2077, where players can assume the roles of hackers, rock stars, tech experts and cyborgs, in a dangerous world of excess and intrigue.

What was the first cyberpunk game?

First edition
The original version of Cyberpunk was published in 1988 by R. Talsorian Games. The game components of the boxed set consist of a 44-page Handbook, a 38-page Sourcebook, a 20-page Combat Book, four pages of game aids and two ten-sided dice.