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What is the captive movie about?

By: Maryam Al-dUpdated: February 07, 2021


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    October 01, 2022
Eight years after a child disappeared without a trace, detectives find disturbing clues that indicate that the girl is still alive.

Also, is the captive movie based on a true story?

Development. On October 15, 2013, David Oyelowo and Kate Mara joined the thriller Captive based on the true story of Brian Nichols, who escapes from the courthouse in Atlanta on March 11, 2005, murdering the judge, a court reporter, and a sheriff's deputy. Later, he takes Ashley Smith hostage at her own house.

Beside above, where is captive filmed?


Is the captive on Netflix?

The Captive. Eight years after their daughter's abduction tore them apart, her parents receive enigmatic clues from the kidnapper hinting that she's still alive. Watch all you want. Director Atom Egoyan's icy thriller was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

What happens at the end of the movie Captive State?

Captive State ends with William Mulligan going to visit his new bosses, the aliens, in their personal Safe Zone. He spent the entire movie as the antagonist, a police officer determined to stop the uprising and protect the aliens at all costs, and they reward him with a promotion to Commander.


What happened to Nicole in the captive?

Detective Jeffrey was shot by Mika, who was then shot by him. The police saved Cassandra, but Mika bled to death before he can say where Nicole was. Nicole was eventually found in the van however. Cass was reunited with both of her parents, and the movie ended with her skating at the old skating rink.

What does captive mean in insurance?

A "captive insurer" is generally defined as an insurance company that is wholly owned and controlled by its insureds; its primary purpose is to insure the risks of its owners, and its insureds benefit from the captive insurer's underwriting profits.

How long is the movie the captive?

1h 53m

Who plays the kidnapper in the captive?

The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson, Mireille Enos, Kevin Durand, and Alexia Fast. It was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or in the main competition section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

The Captive (2014 film)
The Captive
Language English
Box office $1,742,917

What's the movie where the daughter gets kidnapped?

Taken (film)
Produced by Luc Besson
Written by Luc Besson Robert Mark Kamen
Starring Liam Neeson Maggie Grace Leland Orser Jon Gries David Warshofsky Katie Cassidy Holly Valance Famke Janssen
Music by Nathaniel Méchaly

When was the movie captive made?

May 16, 2014

Where is Ryan Reynolds from?

Vancouver, Canada