What is Summerside PEI known for?

By: Martin Hansen LennoxUpdated: July 12, 2020


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Summerside is the Island's second-largest city and has all the amenities you'd expect. Shipyard Market on the site of an historic shipbuilding facility adjacent to Green's Shore Beach, overlooks Summerside Harbour, Indian Head Lighthouse and Holman's Island.

Herein, what is there to do in Summerside today?

Top Attractions in Summerside
  • The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada. 238 reviews.
  • Linkletter Provincial Park. 46 reviews.
  • Wyatt Historic House Museum.
  • Summerside Farmers' Market.
  • Summerside Visitor Information Centre.
  • Indian Head Lighthouse.
  • Red Shores Racetrack and Casino.
  • Eptek Art & Culture Centre.

Likewise, how far is it from Charlottetown to Summerside?

Distance from Charlottetown, PE to Summerside, PE
There are 53.48 km (33.23 miles) from Charlottetown to Summerside in northwest direction and 61.16 km (38 miles) by car, following the 2 route.

How long is the Summerside boardwalk?

The Baywalk Boardwalk and Cycling Trail is a 6.5 km trail that extends along the City's waterfront and meets up with the provincial Confederation Trail at various points.

What is the population of Summerside Prince Edward Island?

14,829 (2016)


How did Summerside get its name?

Summerside is named for an inn owned by George Linkletter II, called Summer Side House. The population of the Town of Summerside in 1991, the last census taken prior to amalgamation, was 7,474 residents. The adjusted 1991 population as a result of the amalgamation was 13,636.

What is there to do in PEI in the winter?

Here are just 30 fun activities to do this winter in PEI.
  • WinterLove PEI.
  • WinterDine.
  • Music Week on the Island.
  • Jack Frost Winterfest.
  • Summerside Legion Kitchen Party.
  • Mill River Resort.
  • Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park.
  • Stratford Sunday Night Ceilidh.

Is Summerside a city?

Summerside is a Canadian city in Prince County, Prince Edward Island. It is the second largest city in the province and the primary service centre for the western part of the island.

How long does it take to drive around PEI?

Western PEI has The North Cape Coastal Drive at 350 km/ 217 mi. So, depending on how much driving you are prepared to do in a day we usually say at least one day per drive to be comfortable.. depending of course on how often you want to stop, how long, etc. Each drive has something to offer.

How far is it from Charlottetown to Cavendish?

There are 33.96 km (21.10 miles) from Charlottetown to Cavendish in northwest direction and 38.62 km (24 miles) by car, following the 7 route. Charlottetown and Cavendish are 37 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How far is Stratford PEI from Charlottetown?

Distance from Charlottetown, PE to Stratford, PE
There are 4.10 km (2.55 miles) from Charlottetown to Stratford in southeast direction and 4.83 km (3 miles) by car, following the 1 route. Charlottetown and Stratford are 5 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .