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What is PCS in mobile computing?

By: Eric ThirolleUpdated: January 20, 2021


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Personal Communications Services (PCS) A new generation of wireless-phone technology that introduces a range of features and services surpassing those available in analog- and digital-cellular phone systems. PCS provides the user with an all-in-one wireless phone, paging, messaging, and data service.

Consequently, what is PCS in wireless communication?

PCS (personal communications service) is a wireless phone service similar to cellular telephone service but emphasizing personal service and extended mobility. As a user moves around, the user's phone signal is picked up by the nearest antenna and then forwarded to a base station that connects to the wired network.

Subsequently, question is, what is mobile computing and its architecture?

? The network-centric mobile computing architecture uses three-tier architecture ? 1) Presentation Tiers ? 2) Application Tiers ? 3) Data Tier. ? In three tier architecture, the first layer is User Interface or Presentation Tier. ? This layer deal with user facing device handling and rendering.

What do you understand by personal communication system?

In a number of countries throughout the world, a wireless service called the personal communication system (PCS) is available. In the broadest sense, PCS includes all forms of wireless communication that are interconnected with the public switched telephone network, including mobile telephone…

What does the PCS in Metro PCS stand for?

Personal Communications Service


What is a PCS phone number?

PCS (personal communications service) is a wireless phone service similar to cellular telephone service but emphasizing personal service and extended mobility. It's sometimes referred to as digital cellular (although cellular systems can also be digital).

What does Sprint PCS stand for?

personal communications service

What is GSM architecture?

The GSM architecture consists of three major interconnected subsystems that interact with themselves and with users through certain network interface. The subsystems are Base Station Subsystem (BSS), Network Switching Subsystem (NSS) and Operational Support Subsystem (OSS).

What are the limitation of mobile computing?

quality of connectivity- as one of the disadvantages, mobile devices will need either WiFi connectivity or mobile network connectivity such as GPRS, 3G and in some countries even 4G connectivity that is why this is a disadvantage because if you are not near any of these connections your access to the internet is very

What is the difference between Sprint Nextel and Sprint PCS?

Sprint PCS is the main wireless brand of Sprint Nextel, and was the main brand of the former Sprint Corporation. The Sprint PCS network operates a 3G wireless network, using the 1xRTT standard, which is part of the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) standard.

What is GSM in networking?

GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is a digital mobile network that is widely used by mobile phone users in Europe and other parts of the world. GSM digitizes and compresses data, then sends it down a channel with two other streams of user data, each in its own time slot.

What are the advantages of personal communication?

Advantages of Personal Communication:
  • It keeps you close to your near and dear ones and those cherished by you.
  • Furthermore, long distance communication with the communicator and receiver is easier without the physical movement of the receiver or communicator.
  • Assists in family integration.
  • Difference between personal and mass communication.

What is PCN in telecom?

Personal communications network (PCN) is the European digital cellular mobile telephone network, developed in accordance with GSM standards. The PCN system was first initiated by Lord Young, UK Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, in 1988.

What is PCS in medical terms?

Postconcussive syndrome. Specialty. Psychiatry, Neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation. Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) is a set of symptoms that may continue for weeks, months, or a year or more after a concussion – a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

What is personal communication?

Basic information about referencing personal communication
Personal Communications include private letters, memos, emails, personal interviews, telephone conversations, and similar resources. As the personal communication may not provide recoverable data, the personal communication may be cited in-text only.

Which is the best means of personal communication Why?

* Best means of personal communication is one on one communication though there are other means of personal communication are also available like memos, private letters, mails etc. * The reason why one on communication is considered best is that you can directly talk to the person and can understand the things well.

What is mobility management in wireless networks?

Mobility management is one of the major functions of a GSM or a UMTS network that allows mobile phones to work. The aim of mobility management is to track where the subscribers are, allowing calls, SMS and other mobile phone services to be delivered to them.