What is Ondo State known for?

By: George GaganisUpdated: December 25, 2020


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Idanre Hills.
It is often referred to as “Oke Idanre” mostly by the locals. Though Ondo state is home to many hills, Idanre remains the one with the most beautiful landscapes. According to history, Idanre hill was home to the entire population of people living in Idanre close to a millennium.

Hereof, is Ondo State a Yoruba state?

The ethnic composition of Ondo State is largely from the Yoruba subgroups of the Akoko, Akure, Ikale, Ilaje, Ondo, and Owo peoples.

Secondly, who is the richest in Ondo State?

In March 2014 Forbes estimated his net worth as US$300 million. Obateru is ranked by Forbes magazine as the second richest King in Africa and the richest in Nigeria.

Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan.
Oba Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan
Olugbo of Ugbo Kingdom

What does Ondo State produce?

Ondo state is one of the oil producing states in Nigeria, it has the 2nd largest bitumen deposits in the world. Also, it has one of the largest natural gas deposits in the world. Other mineral raw materials available in the state include: Granite, Marble, Gold, Gemstone, Clay, Diorite, and Lignite.

What is the motto of Ondo State?

List of Nigerian states' nicknames
State Nickname
Niger State The Power State
Ogun State Gateway State
Ondo State Sunshine State
Osun State Land of Virtue (formerly State of the Living Spring)


Which is richest state in Nigeria?

  • Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria Currently.
  • Lagos State. Lagos stands first as the current richest state in the country based on internally generated revenue (IGR) of about N268 billion.
  • Rivers State.
  • Delta State.
  • Ogun state.
  • Edo state.
  • Enugu state.
  • Oyo state.

Which is the poorest state in Nigeria?

Top Ten (10) Poorest States in Nigeria 2020
  1. Sokoto state. Sokoto state is rated as the poorest state in Nigeria, ranking 81.2% on poverty level.
  2. Kastina state.
  3. Adamawa state.
  4. Gombe state.
  5. Jigawa state.
  6. Plateau state.
  7. Ebonyi state.
  8. Bauchi state.

What is the king of Ondo called?

The Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom is the paramount Yoruba king of Ondo Kingdom a city in Ondo State, southwestern Nigeria. The "Osemawe title" was coined from the phrase "Ese-omo-re" adopted from the comment made by the late Alaafin Oluaso during the birth of his daughter called Olu pupupu who later settled in Ondo Kingdom.

Who is the head of Ondo State?

List of Governors of Ondo State
Name Title Left Office
Adebayo Adefarati Governor 2003-05
Olusegun Agagu Governor 2009-02
Olusegun Mimiko Governor 2017-02
Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu Governor Incumbent

Which local government is the largest in Ondo State?

S/N L.G.A Males
1 Akoko North East 92,456
2 Akoko North West 107,075
3 Akoko South East 42,175
4 Akoko South West 114,333

How old is Bimbo Oshin now?

48 years (July 24, 1971)

How old is Ondo?

The Ondo Kingdom is a traditional state that traces its origins back for over 500 years, with capital in Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria. Ondo Kingdom was established by Princess Pupupu one the twins of Alafin Oluaso. Her mother was QUEEN Olu who later died at Ile oluji.

Does Ondo State produce oil?

Ondo State
This is the 5th oil producing state with a daily production rate of 60,000 barrels. This state is not located in the traditional Niger Delta Region but included because of it oil producing status. It is located in south western Nigeria and has a population of about 2.4 million with Akure as it capital.

Is Ondo an oil producing state?

Ondo State is one of the areas producing crude oil in Nigeria. It lies in the southwestern part of the country. It borders on Edo and Delta State. The territory includes 18 local government areas with a heart in the city of Akure.

How many local govt are in Ondo State?

18 local government areas

How many senatorial district do we have in Ondo State?

The Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Ondo comprises three Senators representing Ondo North, Ondo South, Ondo Central and eight Representatives Akoko South East/South West, Irele/Okitipupa, Ile-Oluji Okeigbo/Odigbo, Akoko North East/north West, Idanre/Ifedore, Ondo East/ West, Akure North /South, and Owo/Ose.

How many towns are in Ondo State?

27. MAJOR TOWNS IN ONDO STATE Akure, Okitipupa, Ondo, Ikare, Owo, Ode-Aye, Igbotako, Ilutitun, Ile-Oluji, Ore, Ifon, Igbara-Oke, Irele, Owena, Idanre, Oka, Igbokoda, Isua, Bolorunduro, Igbekebo, Iju, Ita-Ogbolu, Oke-Igbo, Ido-Ani, Ikun, Ilara, Ijare and Oke-Agbe. 37.