What is my lei?

By: Rogerio Da SilvaUpdated: January 05, 2021


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The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is unique global identifier of legal entities participating in financial transactions. These can be individuals, companies or government entities that participate in financial transaction.

So, how do I find a company's LEI number?

It is possible to complete an LEI number search using either the name of the company or the LEI number. Once used, the search tool access will automatically display any LEI information that is accessible through the database. It is also possible to filter the results of a legal entity identifier search by country.

Likewise, who needs an LEI?

At present, LEIs are mandatory for all banks, both small and large, insurance companies, brokerages, investment companies, credit unions and any other entity active on the financial market. Let's review its use from the domains of two major financial jurisdictions; that of the European Union and the United States.

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Is an LEI mandatory?

In fact, LEIs are required by any legal entity who is involved with financial transactions or operates within todays global financial economy. There is a famous phrase which encapsulates this "No LEI, no trade".


How do I get an LEI?

How to obtain an LEI. An LEI is available from bodies accredited by the GLEIF, or bodies endorsed by the LEIROC, as an authorised Local Operating Unit for the global allocation of LEIs. A list of all Local Operating Units can be found on the GLEIF's website .

How much does Lei cost?

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)
Request Type USD Price (includes GLEIF Fee)
New LEI registration $65.00 each.
New LEI registration (bulk) $65.00 each under 10 records, $60.00 each with 10 or more per submission.
Renew LEI registration $50.00 each.

What is Lei used for?

What is the LEI? The legal entity identifier (LEI) is a reference code — like a bar code — used across markets and jurisdictions to uniquely identify a legally distinct entity that engages in a financial transaction.

What does lei stand for?

Legal Entity Identifier

Why do I need an LEI number?

Also known as an LEI Code or LEI Number, its purpose is to help identify legal entities on a global database. An individual person may not obtain an LEI. The identifier is used in regulatory reporting to financial regulators and all financial companies and funds are required to have an LEI.

What is lei money?

The Romanian Leu is the currency of Romania. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Romania Leu exchange rate is the RON to EUR rate. The currency code for Lei is RON, and the currency symbol is lei. Below, you'll find Romanian Leu rates and a currency converter.

What is a lei necklace?

Lei (/le?/) is a garland or wreath. More loosely defined, a lei is any series of objects strung together with the intent to be worn. The most popular concept of a lei in Hawaiian culture is a wreath of flowers presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection.

How do I find my lei number?

LEI validity can be checked with an LEI Register's LEI search tool which is very easy to use. Person looking for an LEI has to enter their company name or LEI number to the search bar. Then, the autosuggestion already helps to choose the right company name or LEI when typing to the search bar.

What does it mean by legal entity?

An association, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, trust, or individual that has legal standing in the eyes of law. A legal entity has legal capacity to enter into agreements or contracts, assume obligations, incur and pay debts, sue and be sued in its own right, and to be held responsible for its actions.

How do I renew my LEI code?

The LEI renewal process is simple:
  1. Please enter your LEI number or company name to the application form.
  2. The LEI renewal form will be completed automatically with the current data from the GLEIF database.
  3. Submit the LEI renewal application.
  4. We will take care of the renewal.

How can I get Lei number in India?

An LEI can be obtained from the Local Operating Unit (LOU) or from the LEI Registration agent. Legal entities have to register their LEI through the service provider (either through the LOU, Registration Agent or any other LEI service provider) by filling out the registration form.

How do I get a legal entity identifier UK?

Here's my step-by-step guide to getting a LEI code for your business.
  1. Create an account on
  2. Start a new LEI Web Form application.
  3. Submit the company certificate of incorporation (PDF)
  4. Download and Submit the Self-Authorization or the Third-Party Authorization form.
  5. Pay and finish!

What is non derivative market?

Non-derivative markets include Government securities markets, money markets (markets for any instrument with a maturity of one year or less) and non-derivative forex markets (transactions that settle on or before the spot date).

WHO issues Lei number?

LEI issuers – also referred to as Local Operating Units (LOUs) – supply registration, renewal and other services, and act as the primary interface for legal entities wishing to obtain an LEI. Only organizations duly accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) are authorized to issue LEIs.

Who needs an LEI number UK?

2. Why is an LEI necessary? Legal entities require LEIs in order to comply with their EMIR reporting obligations. Put simply, regulators want more information about who is trading, where they are trading, and who their counterparties are within the financial market.

What is LEI certificate?

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code has been conceived of as a key measure to improve the quality and accuracy of financial data systems for better risk management post the Global Financial Crisis. The LEI is a 20-character unique identity code assigned to entities who are parties to a financial transaction.