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What is Hefei known for?

By: Omer QayyumUpdated: December 11, 2020


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Hefei has many historical and cultural sites, such as the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, the famously honest and upright official Bao Zheng (999-1062). Hefei is known as a garden city because of its many parks, which include Belt Park, a "green necklace" that circles the old town.

So, what does Anhui mean?

Its name, meaning “Peaceful Beauty,” is derived from the names of two cities—Anqing and Huizhou (now Huizhou district within the city of Huangshan). The capital, Hefei, is located in the heart of the province. Pine branch framing peaks in the Huang Mountains, Anhui province, China.

Similarly, is Hefei near Wuhan?

The distance between Hefei and Wuhan is 320 km. The road distance is 385.1 km. It takes approximately 2h 31m to get from Hefei to Wuhan, including transfers.

How far is Hefei from Shanghai?

Distance from Hefei to Shanghai
The shortest distance (air line) between Hefei and Shanghai is 250.41 mi (403.00 km). The shortest route between Hefei and Shanghai is 280.67 mi (451.70 km) according to the route planner.

What province is Hefei China?



What province is Shanghai?

Shanghai municipality is bordered by Jiangsu province to the north and west and Zhejiang province to the southwest. It includes the 18 districts constituting the city of Shanghai and several islands in the mouth of the Yangtze and offshore to the southeast in the East China Sea.

How far is Anhui from Wuhan?

Distance between Wuhan and Anhui. Distance between Wuhan and Anhui is 316.43 km. This distance is equal to 196.62 miles, and 170.74 nautical miles.

Is Tibet a part of China?

Government. The central region of Tibet is an autonomous region within China, the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Tibet Autonomous Region is a province-level entity of the People's Republic of China. It is governed by a People's Government, led by a Chairman.

How do you pronounce Anhui?

The standard pronunciation is more like your ahn-hwee than ahn-huay, though not much like either.

What are the 22 provinces of China?

Maps of China's Mainland Provinces
  • 01 of 22. Anhui Province. Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain.
  • 02 of 22. Fujian Province. Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain.
  • 03 of 22. Gansu Province.
  • 04 of 22. Guangdong Province.
  • 05 of 22. Guizhou Province.
  • 06 of 22. Hainan Province.
  • 07 of 22. Hebei Province.
  • 08 of 22. Heilongjiang Province.

Which province is Beijing?

List of province-level divisions
GB/T 2260-2007 ISO Province
BJ CN-BJ Beijing Municipality
CQ CN-CQ Chongqing Municipality
FJ CN-FJ Fujian Province
GD CN-GD Guangdong Province

How is China divided?

In terms of area, China is the third largest country in the world, but it is the world's largest based on population. China is divided into 23 provinces, 22 of which are controlled by the People's Republic of China (PRC). The provinces are ordered here by land area and include capital cities.

How many total cities are in China?

China has a total of 662 cities that fall into these three categories, with Shanghai boasting the largest population with over 22 million residents as of 2016. The country has a total of 34 provinces that house its cities. In total, China has over 160 cities that have a population of over 1 million people.