What is Heather Young worth?

By: George GorzynskiUpdated: April 03, 2021


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Heather Young Net Worth 2020
Heather Young, as of 2020, has an estimated net worth of $1 million. By being a part of the entertainment industry ever since she was an adult and having a relatively long-standing successful career in the real estate business, Young has amassed a significant amount of wealth.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what does Heather Rae Young do?


Furthermore, who is Heather from selling sunset?

Heather Rae Young may currently be making headlines for her role in Netflix's Selling Sunset and her relationship with HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, but the real estate expert has been used to having all eyes on her for many years now.

How did Tarek meet Heather?

Tarek and Heather went public with their relationship this past summer, several months after he and his Flip or Flop co-star Christina Anstead finalized a divorce after seven years of marriage. The kids met Heather at a family gathering in August.

What is Christina Anstead's net worth?

Celebrity Net Worth currently has Christina Anstead valued at a whopping $12 million—the website also claims that Christina's currently making $50,000 per episode for her new show, Christina on The Coast.


How much is Christine from selling sunset worth?

Christian is a retired software engineer.
In case you're curious, the 41-year-old software engineer is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million.

How much does Christine Quinn make?

In case you're curious, the 41-year-old software engineer is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million.

What does net worth mean?

Net worth is calculated by subtracting all liabilities from assets. An asset is anything owned and has monetary value, while liabilities are obligations that deplete resources. Positive net worth means that assets exceed liabilities, while negative net worth results when liabilities exceed assets.

How much is Christine Quinn worth?

In case you're curious, the 41-year-old software engineer is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million.

Who is Tarek girlfriend?

Heather Rae Young (2019–)

Is Tarek still dating Heather?

January 29, 2020: Tarek reveals that he and Heather are now living together. In another sentimental post, El Moussa shared the news that they're cohabitating.

Why did Tarek and Christina get divorced?

Tarek El Moussa filed for divorce from his wife Christina in January 2017. The couple cited a number of reasons for the split, including their growing fame and a series of health problems. They continue to co-parent their two children and host their HGTV show, Flip or Flop.

Does Tarek have a girlfriend?

Heather Rae Young (2019–)

How long have Tarek and Heather been dating?

While the two have been dating for 10 months, when asked if she sees wedding bells on the horizon, Young said she would love to be engaged -- but isn't in a rush. "We just have the best time together.

Who is Tarek El Moussa seeing?

star Heather Rae Young

Who is Christina flip or flop?

Marriage to Ant Anstead
In November 2017 she began dating English television presenter Ant Anstead. On December 22, 2018, she married Anstead at their Newport Beach, California home and officially changed her name to Christina Anstead. The couple has one child together, Hudson London Anstead, born on September 6, 2019.