What is Freedomland movie?

By: Aisha MaidokiUpdated: April 13, 2021


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    August 11, 2022
A mother blames the disappearance of her child on a black man from the projects after she reports a carjacking. A detective (Samuel L. Jackson) suspects the woman is hiding something, and he enlists the aid of a missing-child activist (Edie Falco). While the investigation continues, the media amplifies the case's notoriety, bringing up some tough racial issues.

In this regard, is the movie Freedomland based on a true story?

Freedomland is roughly based on a true story: (Spoiler alert) the 1995 tragedy of love-stricken mother-turned-racist finger pointer-turned-child murderer Susan Smith.

Similarly, what happened to the boy in Freedomland?

The fatal night, Cody wouldn't go to sleep, Brenda left to dump the guy, and came home to find the kid overdosed on cough syrup. Brenda panicked and buried the boy in the woods, getting an old boyfriend to help. He and Brenda are arrested.

Does Netflix have Freedomland?

Freedomland - (2006) - Netflix
A black police detective must solve a strange case of a kidnapped boy and deal with a big racial protest.

Where was the movie Freedomland filmed?