What is CIDB Malaysia?

By: Alice LesserUpdated: January 06, 2021


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    October 01, 2022
The Construction Industry Development Board (“CIDB”) is an inescapable presence for those engaged in the construction industry within Malaysia, largely through the levy which it imposes on all major construction projects, and the compulsory courses which it conducts.

Furthermore, how can I get CIDB license in Malaysia?

Complete the online application form at For ROC incorporated companies, company information can be purchased online from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). The procedure for company information purchase from CCM is available on the CIDB website.

Also, what is the role of CIDB?

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) was established under the Construction Industry Development Board Act (Act 520) and among their functions are to promote and stimulate the development, improvement and expansion of the construction industry.

What is a CIDB grading?

The cidb will however assess and determine a grade based on the strength of the application as well as the supporting documentation submitted. A grade denotes maximum value of a contract the contractor is deemed capable of performing within a particular class of works.

What does CIDB stand for?

Construction Industry Development Board


Can I apply for CIDB online?

Now you can apply and register your company's CIDB through our online platform, designed to take out the hassle of manual applications. The CIDB is a Built Environment Body that was established by Act of Parliament (Act 38 of 2000) to promote a regulatory and developmental framework.

What is CIDB certificate?

Well, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is a body in SA that was established by Act 38 of 2000 of the constitution. The mandate of the board is to ensure enterprise sustainability and growth throughout SA. For this reason, you may need CIDB registration for certain construction works.

What is g7 contractor?

G7 contractors hold a Grade G7 licence approved by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia which permits them to undertake civil engineering construction and building construction projects for an unlimited amount.

How do I apply for CIDB?

Application forms must be completed in full and sent to the cidb together with all required supporting documents. All applications must be submitted on an approved registration form, which may be collected at any of our cidb Provincial Offices nationwide or downloaded from our website at

How do you win tenders?

Below are 20 tips for builders that will help you win your next tender.
  1. Use Correct Tender Templates.
  2. Ensure Company Details Are Correct.
  3. Choose The Right References And Testimonials.
  4. Pitch A Competitive Price.
  5. Do Your Research.
  6. Consider Your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  7. Assess Your Point of Differentiation.

What is a grading contractor?

Grading contractors operate a piece of heavy construction equipment called a grader, which is used to smooth and flatten a surface for roads or building foundations. The job of a grading contractor is dirty and they have to work in all kinds of weather conditions.

What is a grade in construction?

Grading in civil engineering and landscape architectural construction is the work of ensuring a level base, or one with a specified slope, for a construction work such as a foundation, the base course for a road or a railway, or landscape and garden improvements, or surface drainage.

What is the CIDB of South Africa?

The Construction Industry Development Board (cidb) - a Schedule 3A public entity - was established by Act of Parliament (Act 38 of 2000) to promote a regulatory and developmental framework that builds: Construction industry delivery capability for South Africa's social and economic growth.