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What is an OSHA 10 card good for?

By: Zach WeymanUpdated: April 30, 2021


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Its purpose is to promote workplace safety and health. It is a tool that can be used to make workers more knowledgeable about their rights related to workplace safety and health and overall workplace hazards. There are two options. Workers can attend the OSHA 10-hour course, which is intended for entry-level workers.

In this regard, who needs OSHA 10 certification?

10-hour training (and the OSHA 10 card) is recommended for all construction workers. 30-hour training (and the OSHA 30 card) is recommended for any construction employee with supervisory or safety-related responsibilities.

Also to know, is OSHA 10 required by law?

Voluntary or Mandatory? OSHA does not require anyone to complete the OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour Outreach Training courses. However, some states and even municipalities have made the classes mandatory for certain workers, especially in the construction industry.

Is it worth getting OSHA certified?

To be frank and honest the OSHA 10 and osha 30 are not certifications, they recognize completion of a 10 hour or 30 hour safety training course. But they are highly valued by the employer. Most employer's will and do value and weigh the CSP certification higher than even a master's degree in Safety and health.

How long does OSHA 10 actually take?

ten hours


Who pays OSHA training?

Determine what type of OSHA training you will need before you begin work. Some occupations like roadwork construction require you to have certifications before you begin work. If you choose to work in this type of work environment, your employer is not required to pay for your training.

Do I need OSHA 10 or 30?

The 10-Hour OSHA training course is sufficient for many entry-level workers, but the actual requirements will depend on what your workplace wants. 30-Hour OSHA training is generally recommended for supervisors, site leads or managers who will have any sort of safety responsibility.

What does being OSHA certified mean?

OSHA sets the rules and it is up to each employer to “certify” that their staff is in compliance with applicable OSHA regulations. A certificate is issued by an employer or by a training firm, such as SCM Safety, to verify that the correct standards have been met.

Why should I get OSHA certified?

The Benefits of OSHA Safety Training
OSHA protects workers by stressing the importance of safe practices on the job because without an understanding of potential dangers on the work site workers become at higher risk for a workplace injury or death.

How do I get my OSHA 10 card for free?

Passing participants will receive a DOL Construction Outreach course completion wallet card within 2 weeks. In order to receive your DOL Wallet Card you must complete the survey at the end of the course. Includes free OSHA 10 Hour Construction Industry Study Guide!

How do you become OSHA certified?

You must complete three steps to become an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer:
  1. Have safety experience in your industry ranging from 3-5 years.
  2. Complete the OSHA Standards Course for your industry.
  3. Complete the OSHA Trainer Course for your industry.

What is a 10 hour OSHA card?

10-Hour Department of Labor Outreach Completion cards are awarded to students who successfully complete 10 hours of construction or general industry OSHA Outreach training. The 10-Hour Construction DOL card is a light gold color, while the 10-Hour General Industry DOL card is light blue.

How much does an OSHA card cost?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30 Hour Construction Certification: $100 - $160. Scaffolding Certificate: $25. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30 Hour General Industry Certification: $120 - $200.

What is the highest OSHA training?

Becoming an authorized Outreach trainer is the highest achievement in the Outreach Training Program. Trainers are authorized to teach courses for 10- and 30-hour students. Because the Outreach Training Program is voluntary for OSHA, acceptance of a trainer card as a substitute is at the discretion of the employer.

Is there a test at the end of OSHA 10?

The final exam for the online OSHA 30-Hour course has 100 questions; the online OSHA 10-Hour course has 40 questions. The final exam requires a minimum score of 70% to pass. The OSHA Outreach Program only allows 3 attempts for all checkpoint exams, as well as the final exam.

How do I get OSHA 10?

Passing participants will receive a DOL Construction Outreach course completion wallet card within 2 weeks.
  1. In order to receive your DOL Wallet Card you must complete the survey at the end of the course.
  2. Please complete the survey at the end of the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Industry Outreach Course.

Which is the best safety course?

Most popular training courses
  • Health and Safety for Directors and Senior Managers.
  • IOSH Managing Safely.
  • IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management.
  • NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety.
  • IOSH Working Safely.

How do I get OSHA certified online?

Enroll online, complete the training at your own pace, and receive your certificates and cards online or in the mail. All of our online OSHA training courses are accepted by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) through our partnership with 360training.

What jobs can you get with a OSHA 30 card?

OSHA 30 hour Average by Job
  • Job.
  • Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)
  • Construction Superintendent.
  • Project Engineer.
  • Construction Superintendent, Commercial.
  • Safety Manager.
  • Project Manager, Construction.
  • Assistant Project Manager, Construction.

How often is OSHA 10 training required?

OSHA 10 hour cards are valid for 5 years before the state requires renewal.